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May Course Release

Courses from October-December 2024 are now open for registration, including courses during Family Weekend and Winterers' Gathering! Read on for a full list of new courses and register today.

Posted on May 31, 2024

See Courses Overview for the full listing of classes from today until December. Make sure to check out all the options when planning your summer at North House.

May Course Release


Event: Northern Landscapes Festival June 2 – 4
Event: Summer Solstice and Wooden Boat Festival June 21 – 22


Wattle Fences and Garden Trellises July 16

Event: Unplugged September 14 – 17
Woven Bark Pouch September 17 Tabletop Candle Basket September 18 Interwoven Barks and Fibers September 23 Weaving Barks with a Positive Bias September 24 Event: Basket Week October 1 – 7


Basketry Open Studio October 5 Event: Family Weekend October 18 – 19
Kids Only - Slöjd in the Wood Shop October 18 Kids Only - Beeswax Candle Making October 18 Artisan Copper Pendants October 18 Families at the Forge October 18 Leather Treasure Bag - Family Class October 18 Artisan Copper Pendants October 18 Hand Puppets and Oven Mitts October 18 Old-Fashioned Kids Games October 18 Kids Only - Weaving with Willow! October 18 Families at the Forge October 19 Inspired by Cabochons October 19 Fall Tarts for Kids October 19 Kids Only - Color Collage in Wool October 19 Fun with Plant Fibers for Families October 19 Kids Only - Hand-sewn Leather Shoulder Bag October 19 Folktales and Crafting for Families October 19 Kids Only - Build Your Own Kite! October 19 Fall Tarts for Kids October 19 Forge a Railroad Spike Knife October 21 Pebbles and Fire Mixology: Enameled Jewelry October 24 Wild Yeast: The Art and Science of Sourdough Bread October 24 Handcraft A Wool Braided Rug October 25 Rosemaling: Complete Your Own Project in Any Style October 25 Creative Sewing October 25 Lost Wax Casting: Sterling Silver Rings October 25 Introduction to Handmade Brushes October 26 Exploring Colors and Textures in Woodturning October 29

Felt for the Home: Table Runners and Rugs November 1 Loop-in-Loop Chain Bracelet November 1 Exploring Colors & Textures in Woodturning for Women/Non-Binary November 1 Chainsaws: Safety, Maintenance, and Tree Felling November 1 Better Butter Baking November 1 Leather Firewood Carrier November 2 Nordic Herbals November 2 Gifts of the Porcupine: A Quillwork Intensive November 2 Blacksmithing: Crafting The Tools of the Trade November 7 Beaded Buckskin Shoulder Bag November 7 Woven: Traditional Swedish Table-Made Hair Bracelet November 7 Laminated Canoe Paddles November 7 Pole Lathe Turning November 8 Making Hide & Canvas Boots November 8 Designing Scandinavian Style Mittens November 8 Not Your Mom's Casseroles November 9 Artisan Breads Immersion November 12 Automata: Mechanical Marvels in Wood November 13 Old World Ale Bowls: Pole and Power Lathe Turning November 14 Kolrosing a Primstav November 15 Flavorful Rye Breads November 15 Hand-Stitched Leather Travel Accessories & Gifts November 16 Carve a Jointed Figure November 19 Knife Making in Traditional Nordic Styles November 20 Build Your Own Shave Horse November 21 Event: Winterers' Gathering and Arctic Film Fest November 22 – 24
Winter Moccasins, Anishinaabe-Style November 22 Tofu, Tempeh, Seitan: Traditional Plant Proteins from Scratch November 23 Hand Drawn Maps: Exploring Your Relationship with the Land November 23 Felt Your Feet: Slippers or Boot Liners November 23

Sew Your Own Scandinavian Work Shirt December 5 Wood Carving Tutorial December 6 Knit a Fisherman’s Kep December 6 Round Braid Edge Lacing Leather Shoulder Bag and Wallet December 7 Felting for the Sauna December 7 Buche de Noel: Bake Your Own December 7 Holiday Cookies of Central Europe December 8 Build Your Own Yurt December 10 Holiday Weaving: Monk's Belt Table Runner December 12 Kick Sled Building: Push and Glide December 13 Luminaries and Bowls: 3-D Sculptural and Nuno Felting December 14 Put A Birch On It: Holiday Birch Bark Weaving December 14 The Elements of Pizza December 14 Build Your Own Yurt December 16