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Currently Scheduled Shelter Courses

5 Days
Teaser image for Build Thoreau's Cabin: Basic Building Skills Workshop

Build Thoreau's Cabin: Basic Building Skills Workshop

Pick up your hammer! This course is designed for students with little or no building experience who want to build a tiny home, small cabin or workshop. The techniques for building a small frame building are not only for the skilled carpenter; nearly anyone can come away from this course…
Wed, May 2nd, 2018  –  Sun, May 6th, 2018
Instructor: Randy Schnobrich
Teaser image for Build Your Own Yurt

Build Your Own Yurt

Create yourself a comfortable living space: a spare bedroom, office, studio, sauna or whatever else you can dream up.  The 18-foot yurt is an excellent shelter option that provides comfortable living arrangements for all four seasons. Working with skilled yurt builders, you’ll build a simple yurt, complete with a door…
Thu, Dec 7th, 2017  –  Sun, Dec 10th, 2017
Instructor: Ian Andrus
3 Days
Teaser image for Cabin Masonry Mass Stove Building

Cabin Masonry Mass Stove Building

Is it a cookstove? Is it a bake oven? Can it heat water? Does it heat up to 700 sq.ft.? Does it burn wood efficiently and extremely safe? Is it small and unobtrusive? The answer is yes to all! Meet the multipurpose masonry mass stove, down-sized for a smaller spaces.…
Fri, Mar 23rd, 2018  –  Sun, Mar 25th, 2018
Instructor: Eric Moshier
3 days
Teaser image for Masonry Heater Building Workshop

Masonry Heater Building Workshop

Masonry heaters originated in Northern Europe where winters were cold and fuel wasn’t always plentiful. The natural response? Create a wood-fired presence that was at once incredibly efficient and highly attractive, capable of generating abundant heat and ideal for cooking/baking. Masonry heaters are built with fire bricks and utilize their…
Fri, Jan 26th, 2018  –  Sun, Jan 28th, 2018
Instructor: Eric Moshier
Fri, Feb 9th, 2018  –  Sun, Feb 11th, 2018
Instructor: Eric Moshier