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We believe that craft education should be accessible to anyone with an interest in learning.

The North House Folk School Scholarship fund has been made available through the donations of generous supporters who want to make courses available to all. While anyone with financial need is welcome to apply, the goals of the scholarship program are as follows (in no particular order): to increase the diversity of age and race in our student body; to offer opportunities to local residents of Cook County and Grand Portage, MN; to support the learning of those with professional aspirations in a particular craft area; and to make our programming available to those with financial need.

The scholarship application period for May-October classes is now open.  Please read the steps for applying below.

Scholarships are available at three levels. 
 - Half: half of tuition and materials.
 - Full: full amount of tuition and materials.
 - Full+: full amount of tuition and materials and $50 per course day to offset housing/transportation costs.

Starting February 29, please call our Front Office at 218-387-9762 to register as a scholarship applicant BEFORE submitting an application linked below.

Follow the steps below  to register as a scholarship applicant for a course and submit your scholarship application:

STEP 1: All applicants must call our Front Office/School Store at 218-387-9762 and register as a scholarship applicant for their desired course BEFORE submitting a scholarship application. This will reserve a spot for scholarship applicants at no charge. Applicants may be added to waitlists (#5 or lower) as "scholarship applicants" if there is not a space on the roster. 
STEP 2: Once you are confirmed as registered as a scholarship applicant, you may proceed to filling out an application. 

Click here to submit a Scholarship Application → 

Information for applicants: What to know about the application review and when you'll hear back:
Once applications close, a week's time is typical for review by committee. Applicants will hear back within two weeks of the deadline. 

Any award is pending scholarship funds being made available: if their application is not funded, the applicant will be notified and their registration will be cancelled.
An individual may receive one scholarship per year maximum. The amount of funding available per year will vary, and is determined by the Board of Directors through the budgeting process. 

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