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Work, study, and accessibility—these three words capture the vision of our Work-Study program. It is an opportunity to work in a program support/community service role on campus while earning credit towards taking an upcoming course in traditional craft.

Work-Study Options

Wednesdays at 1pm or at Special Events

Setting up campus for new classes each week is a huge task, and we can always use help! Expect to earn 2-3 hours of course credit per week. In addition, there are many tasks before, during and after special events that qualify for work-study credit. 

Contact Matt Nesheim at or (888) 378-9762 for more information regarding Wednesday Work Study.

Apply for Wednesday Work-Study
Learn more about Wednesday Work-Study

Weeklong Work-Study

Work here for a week, stay in Grand Marais for free, and earn work-study credit. From May to November, we host a work-study participant each week. The type of work is based on our weekly needs needs. Sessions start on Tuesday at 1pm, and end the following Monday at noon. Expect to earn 24 to 32 hours of work-study credit during each session.

The 2017 Week-Long Work Study program is over. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Interested in participating in 2018? Please fill out this form and we'll be in touch.


Other opportunities to get involved

Volunteer & Service Learning