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Teaser image for <p> All Ground Up: Sausage Making</p>

All Ground Up: Sausage Making

Make your own sausage flavored the way you like it using your favorite meats. As a class, we will make and take home 4 to 5 kinds of sausage of your choosing from a list of about 10 varieties. These will be fresh, non-smoked, non-cured sausages like bratwurst, breakfast sausage,…
Sat, Nov 13th, 2021  –  Sun, Nov 14th, 2021
Instructor: Jay DeCoux
Teaser image for Automata: Mechanical Marvels in Wood

Automata: Mechanical Marvels in Wood

Cranks wind, gears turn, dragons chomp and birds fly. Welcome to the whimsical world of automata: simple wooden machines that delight and amaze. Join Cecilia Schiller for a four-day exploration of the art of making wooden machines and the mechanisms that make things move. Starting with the design process in…
Thu, Sep 9th, 2021  –  Sun, Sep 12th, 2021
Instructor: Cecilia Schiller
Teaser image for Basket Making Sampler

Basket Making Sampler

The northern forests of Minnesota and Wisconsin offer a variety of materials suitable for basket-making. This course is an introduction to working with three of the most common: birch bark, willow and spruce root. Students will create three small baskets that will employ a variety of weaving techniques and traditions.…
Tue, Oct 5th, 2021  –  Thu, Oct 7th, 2021
Instructor: Emily Derke
Teaser image for Better Butter Baking

Better Butter Baking

We know that butter makes it better. But which butter? And what’s behind the magic? We’ll explore the wonders of lamination and see how only a few folds of butter and dough result in dozens of flaky layers. Croissants will be the main attraction, as we make both the classic…
Fri, Nov 5th, 2021  –  Sat, Nov 6th, 2021
Day 1: 4pm-5pm and Day 2: 9am-4:30pm
Instructor: Kim Ode
Teaser image for Birch Bark Boxes: Scandinavian Bark Basketry

Birch Bark Boxes: Scandinavian Bark Basketry

Scandinavians and Russians commonly kept small, flat birch bark boxes in their pockets in the 18th and 19th century for the then-popular taking of snuff. Larger finger and lap jointed boxes often held coffee, tea or salt. Today they continue to be made and hold keepsakes, buttons, spare change, jewelry,…
Thu, Oct 14th, 2021  –  Sun, Oct 17th, 2021
9 am-5 pm each day
Instructor: Fred Livesay
Teaser image for Birch Bark Stars, Birds, and More

Birch Bark Stars, Birds, and More

From birds to beads, there are so many possibilities when it comes to birch bark. Join accomplished weavers Jack and Julie to learn to weave a variety of small projects, including garlands and a three dimensional star and more. Learn about the ecology of this iconic northern tree and leave…
Sat, Dec 11th, 2021  –  Sun, Dec 12th, 2021
Day one: 9 am-5 pm Day two: 9 am-noon
Instructors: Julie Kean, Jack Sneve
Teaser image for Bird Carving

Bird Carving

This course will introduce students to the world of bird carving. This is a great class for beginners and experienced carvers alike. We will focus on song birds commonly found in the sub-boreal forest of the Lake Superior region. Of course, each bird is different but the general form, anatomy,…
Sat, Dec 4th, 2021  –  Sun, Dec 5th, 2021
Instructor: Mike Loeffler
Teaser image for Black Ash Hex Weave Basket

Black Ash Hex Weave Basket

The hex weave basket is commonly called a "cheese basket" because it can be used for processing cheese. However, this holey design is perfect for holding produce or other displayed storage needs. This project will be made from Black Ash splints, which the students will help cut and prepare. The…
Fri, Oct 8th, 2021  –  Sun, Oct 10th, 2021
Day 1: 2pm-5pm, Day 2/3: 9am-5pm
Instructor: April Stone
Teaser image for Blacksmithing Basics: Cook Tools for the Campfire

Blacksmithing Basics: Cook Tools for the Campfire

Get ready to cook over the campfire and learn the basics of blacksmithing by creating your own set of handmade iron cooking tools that you can pack in your trunk, portage in your pack or break out in the backyard.  Students will create tripods, adjustable chain hooks, and grates, as…
Thu, Sep 16th, 2021  –  Sun, Sep 19th, 2021
Instructor: Michael Jones
Teaser image for Blacksmithing: The Basics & Beyond

Blacksmithing: The Basics & Beyond

Always wanted to try your hand at the forge? This is the place to start and continue to develop your blacksmithing skills. You will be introduced to the basic skills of the blacksmith including safety, fire control, tools and equipment in both a classroom and 'on the forge' setting. Student…
Thu, Aug 5th, 2021  –  Sun, Aug 8th, 2021
Instructor: Cody Myers
Thu, Oct 7th, 2021  –  Sun, Oct 10th, 2021
Instructor: Cody Myers
Teaser image for Buche de Noel: Bake Your Own

Buche de Noel: Bake Your Own

At North House, you can build your own timber frame and bake your own cake!  Learn to make the bûche de noël, a classic French cake elaborately decorated to resemble a holiday yule log for the Christmas table. This class, open to novice and experienced bakers, is a chance to…
Sat, Dec 4th, 2021
Instructor: Kirsten Wisniewski
Teaser image for Build a Small Table from Reclaimed Wood

Build a Small Table from Reclaimed Wood

Build a highly functional new table, perfect for a home office, computer desk, potting table or anything in between using reclaimed cedar lumber. This table’s construction is designed around the use of basic tools, including the use of dowel pins and smaller cross pins to secure the joints. Students will…
Fri, Aug 20th, 2021  –  Sun, Aug 22nd, 2021
Day 1/2: 9am-5pm, Day 3: 9am-1pm
Instructor: John Hodnefield
Teaser image for Build Thoreau's Cabin: Basic Building Skills Workshop

Build Thoreau's Cabin: Basic Building Skills Workshop

Pick up your hammer! This course is designed for students with little or no building experience who want to build a tiny home, small cabin, or workshop. The techniques for building a small frame building are not only for the skilled carpenter; nearly anyone can come away from this course…
Wed, Sep 22nd, 2021  –  Sun, Sep 26th, 2021
9am - 5pm
Instructor: Randy Schnobrich
Teaser image for Build Your Own Yurt

Build Your Own Yurt

Create yourself a comfortable living space: a spare bedroom, office, studio, sauna, or whatever else you can dream up. The 18-foot yurt is an excellent shelter option that provides comfortable living arrangements for all four seasons. Working with skilled yurt builders, you’ll construct a simple yurt, complete with a door…
Thu, Dec 9th, 2021  –  Sun, Dec 12th, 2021
9 am-5 pm each day
Instructor: Ian Andrus
Thu, Dec 16th, 2021  –  Sun, Dec 19th, 2021
9 am-5 pm each day
Instructor: Ian Andrus
Teaser image for Cedar Bent Wood Boxes

Cedar Bent Wood Boxes

In this class students will build a bentwood box of a design inspired by Yupik people of the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta in Alaska, but also borrowing from Estonian and Scandinavian traditions. The Y-K Delta is basically treeless and the beautiful traditional boxes built by the Yupik people were constructed from…
Thu, Oct 28th, 2021  –  Sun, Oct 31st, 2021
Instructor: John Manthei