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3 days
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Celestial Navigation: From Noon Sight To Dancing with the Stars

Celestial navigation is one of the oldest forms of navigation. For thousands of years, an understanding of the sky has guided mariners safely across the trackless oceans of the world. It is a traditional craft that is rich in both history and romance. With the advent of modern electronics, one…
Fri, Sep 11th, 2020  –  Sun, Sep 13th, 2020
9am-5pm, times will vary some during class
Instructor: Mark Gordon
1 Day
Teaser image for Craft of Sail

Craft of Sail

Spend a day aboard the Hjørdis and learn the basics of sailing a 50’ gaff-rigged schooner on Lake Superior. This course offers a mix of in-class preparation and on-the-water experience: topics include points of sail, seamanship, rope-work, sailing terminology, and boat handling technique. Wind, weather, and waves vary greatly on…
Sun, Aug 23rd, 2020
9am-4:30 pm
Instructor: Matthew Ecklund
Sun, Sep 27th, 2020
9am-4:30 pm
Instructor: Matt Nesheim
10 Days
Teaser image for Sail Training Trip: Isle Royale Circumnavigation

Sail Training Trip: Isle Royale Circumnavigation

In the northwestern portion of Lake Superior is a unique and remote island archipelago. Isle Royale National Park preserves 132,018 acres of federally designated wilderness. The Park consists of one large island surrounded by over 450 smaller islands, located in the largest freshwater lake in the world. Set sail for…
Mon, Aug 24th, 2020  –  Wed, Sep 2nd, 2020
First Day: 5pm start; Final Day: 3pm finish
Instructors: Mark Gordon, Katya Gordon