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Teaser image for <p>Celestial Navigation: Dancing with the Stars</p>

Celestial Navigation: Dancing with the Stars

Celestial navigation is one of the oldest of all forms of navigation. For thousands of years, an understanding of the sky has guided mariners safely across the trackless oceans of the world. It is a traditional craft that is rich in both history and romance. With the advent of modern…
Fri, Oct 1st, 2021  –  Sun, Oct 3rd, 2021
9 am-5 pm each day
Instructor: Mark Gordon
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Craft of Sail

Spend a day aboard the Hjørdis and learn the basics of sailing a 50’ gaff-rigged schooner on Lake Superior. This course offers a mix of in-class preparation and on-the-water experience: topics include points of sail, seamanship, rope-work, sailing terminology, and boat handling technique. Wind, weather, and waves vary greatly on…
Sun, Aug 22nd, 2021
Instructor: Matthew Ecklund
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Youth Sailing Camp

Learn the basics of sailing onboard the traditionally-rigged schooner Hjørdis. This four-day camp will cover a variety of hands-on, practical sailing skills as well as boat terminology, knotwork, and line-handling. Hoist sails, steer the ship, and picnic “on the hook”; participants will surely walk away on a brand new pair…
Mon, Aug 2nd, 2021  –  Thu, Aug 5th, 2021
9 am-4 pm each day
Instructor: Matthew Ecklund