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On the Hjørdis




The flagship of the Grand Marais Harbor, Hjørdis shares the name of the mythical Norse goddess of war. Take a trip on this 50’ traditionally-rigged steel schooner and gain access to both the largest lake in the world and experience Grand Marais as it was approached in the centuries before Highway 61 — from the water.

COVID-19 Protocol

Bookings are limited to one group or individual household per sail; it is up to the person booking the sail to determine who is in their individual household. Sails will be approximately 1-hour. Check-in occurs at the dock under the timber frame. In cooperation with MN Executive Order 20-81:

  • Passengers and staff are required to wear facemasks.
  • As per the directive, children under the age of two must not wear a face mask, and and children ages 2 - 5 are encouraged to but not required.
  • Facemasks may be temporarily removed to eat or drink, provided there is 6' distance between you and anyone not in your party (i.e. captain or deckhands).


The base rate is $140 which covers up to four passengers for a 1-hour sail; $35/passenger for each additional passenger up to six. There are additional fees of approximately $3 per ticket built in to our booking system. Sails depart on the hour starting at 10am.


Reservations can be made online up to one hour before the scheduled sail. Beyond that, call North House for availability. Per Coast Guard regulations, we can accommodate up to 6 guests per sail. Regardless of age (2 months old to 102 years old), each passenger counts towards our 6 guest limit, and therefore must be registered.

Cancellation Policy

A credit card is required at the time of your reservation. Your credit card will be authorized at the time of your purchase, and then charged automatically on the day of your sail. If you do not cancel your reservation more than 48 hours in advance of your scheduled sail, and the schooner heads out, your card will be charged the full amount.

Our captains reserve the right to cancel a sail due to weather, equipment failure, or failure to meet the minimum number of guests. If we do cancel a sail, your card will not be charged. We will do our best to notify you ahead of time that your sail is cancelled, if possible, by phone and email. If you do not get a call from us, assume that your sail is going ahead as scheduled.

Check-in and What to Bring

  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your sail is scheduled to depart. There is an outdoor waiting area on the dock under the timber frame. The Captain/Crew will meet you there for the check-in procedure—do not check-in at the Yellow House.
  • Please dress warmly—out on the lake, the temperature is usually 10 degrees cooler than on land. Dress in layers and bring a jacket. Sunglasses, a winter hat, mittens, and scarf are recommended.
  • You are welcome to bring snacks or beverages along. Water is a great idea.
  • If you are bringing a young person who weighs less than 50 lbs, you will need to provide your own PFD.
  • Dogs do not make good crew members, and are therefore not allowed on the schooner.
  • Please bring a mask that is comfortable to wear for the duration of the sail.

Sailing Courses 

Our regular courses provide another great way to experience the Hjørdis while building your sailing skills. Our array of sailing classes range from navigation to ropework, basic sailing to multi-day sail training trips to the Apostle Islands and Isle Royale.

Youth Sailing Camps

We also have a Youth Sailing Camps, providing learning opportunities and involving youth in everyday operations of the Hjørdis. See our Community Programs page for more information.