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Our mission to inspire the hands, heart, and mind through teaching traditional Northern crafts comes alive through many behind the scenes tasks. Volunteers have always been at the center of helping us function through lending a hand on projects of all sizes. Whether you are a local looking for a fun way to give back to your community or a visitor joining us for a special event and wanting to pitch in, you are welcome and needed here.


The volunteer program is structured around these ideas:

1. Volunteering should be fun! Our volunteer opportunities are often social and involve many hands pitching in to make busy work go quickly. Tasks that we need to have happen on a very regular basis for our functioning as an organization are generally offered as Work-Study instead of Volunteering. See our website or ask for more info on Work-Study.

2. Anyone may sign up to be a volunteer. Currently our Volunteer opportunities are mainly during the day, which we realize may limit volunteers with work commitments. For those individuals, volunteering at a special event or at our annual Volunteer and Service Learning weekend may be the best option.

3. Many of our volunteer roles can be completed sitting, with minimal physical exertion. If you are concerned about mobility or physical tasks, let us know and we can work together to find the best volunteer roles for you.

4. We appreciate you! By definition, volunteering is giving time and energy to something for no monetary gain. So why do it? As our volunteers will tell you, they help out because it’s a great way to be a part of the North House community, and because it feels good to work for something you believe in. No matter how much or little time you have to give, we are so glad you want to take part in supporting North House’s mission.

Your involvement as a volunteer makes our work possible. Some of our volunteering opportunities include:

  • Sailing as a deckhand on our schooner, Hjørdis
  • Special event volunteering including staffing our info booth
  • Semi-regular catalog mailing parties and envelope stuffing
  • Campus repair and improvement during our annual volunteer weekend
  • Pizza Potluck volunteers at our summer Saturday night wood-fired pizza nights


In addition to our volunteer program, we offer a work-study program. Work-study is an incentivised program through which you can earn credit towards taking a class with us, by helping out with less-glamorous but highly valued functions of the school. Visit our work-study page to learn more about how to plug-in in that way.

You can also give back to our school by signing up for a service learning course. Service learning courses are like regular courses at North House, except the craft you learn to make is given to North House at the end of the class instead of going home with you.

To become a volunteer, please contact Program Manager Alex Blust at or (218) 387-9762.

To learn about volunteer opportunities as they are announced, sign up for our volunteer e-newsletter.

Other opportunities to get involved

Service Learning