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Teaser image for <p>Asekewin: Traditional Hide Tanning</p>

Asekewin: Traditional Hide Tanning

Soak, scrape, stretch and smoke: these are the basic steps of asekewin or hide tanning, of the oldest methods of creating soft and pliable buckskin, one of the most useful handmade materials there is. This soft and strong fabric can be used for clothing, shoes, mittens, gloves, bags, and more.…
Sat, Oct 2nd, 2021  –  Mon, Oct 4th, 2021
Instructor: Greg Johnson
Teaser image for Birch Bark Boxes: Scandinavian Bark Basketry

Birch Bark Boxes: Scandinavian Bark Basketry

Scandinavians and Russians commonly kept small, flat birch bark boxes in their pockets in the 18th and 19th century for the then-popular taking of snuff. Larger finger and lap jointed boxes often held coffee, tea or salt. Today they continue to be made and hold keepsakes, buttons, spare change, jewelry,…
Thu, Oct 14th, 2021  –  Sun, Oct 17th, 2021
9 am-5 pm each day
Instructor: Fred Livesay
Teaser image for Fun with Fibers: Online Course

Fun with Fibers: Online Course

Have you ever picked a long piece of grass or a cattail or another leaf and wondered what you could make with it? Often, the answer is something very useful if you know how to do just a few things you’ll learn in this course. The forests and prairies and…
Sat, Nov 6th, 2021
10 am-noon
Instructor: Mercedes Tuma-Hansen
Teaser image for Handmade Whisk Brooms

Handmade Whisk Brooms

One whisk broom is never enough! Great for cleaning off car seats or workbenches, whisking dirt out of the tent while camping, sweeping those dust bunnies into the dustpan, brushing fur from clothing, or using around the wood stove for little bits of wood and ash, you'll wonder how you…
Sat, Oct 9th, 2021
Instructor: Marybeth Garmoe
Teaser image for Herbalism Apprentice: Beginner's Botanical Medicine

Herbalism Apprentice: Beginner's Botanical Medicine

Desire to be more self-sustainable with your health care and home? Dipped your toes into the deep waters of herbalism, and ready to learn more? Combine the intuitive art and solid science of botanical medicine, apprenticing with a Master Herbalist for an intensive weekend. Core components include: foundations in natural…
Fri, Oct 1st, 2021  –  Sun, Oct 3rd, 2021
Day 1/2: 9am-5pm, Day 3: 9am-3pm
Instructor: Gigi Stafne
Teaser image for Himmeli: Finnish Geometric Mobiles Online Course

Himmeli: Finnish Geometric Mobiles Online Course

Himmeli is a Nordic tradition brought to Minnesota by Finnish immigrants. Traditionally hung above a table or dining area, these intricate and beautiful geometric mobiles are a Christmas tradition and a link to old folk farming beliefs for ensuring a bountiful harvest. Himmeli can be enjoyed all year round though! …
Fri, Nov 5th, 2021  –  Fri, Nov 12th, 2021
2-4 pm each Friday on November 5th and 12th
Instructor: Mary Erickson
Teaser image for Nordic Herbals

Nordic Herbals

Healing traditions, like all crafts, reflect the landscape and stories of the people who create them. Explore Norse and Sami-inspired herbal medicine in this workshop based around the handcrafting of seven herbal medicines, each tethered to a particular story and made from northern plants. Rooted in her own Nordic ancestry,…
Sat, Nov 13th, 2021  –  Sun, Nov 14th, 2021
9 am-5 pm each day
Instructor: Gigi Stafne
Teaser image for Olive Oil Soap Making Online Webinar

Olive Oil Soap Making Online Webinar

Curious how to make your own olive oil soap? This online class will demonstrate step-by-step the method for making “castile” olive oil soap. No animal products required. No synthetic or petroleum products used. By making your own soap, you can control what ingredients are in the product and ultimately what…
Wed, Oct 27th, 2021
Instructor: Jeanne Wright