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Currently Scheduled Special Event Courses

1 day
Teaser image for Classic Cookies with a Twist

Classic Cookies with a Twist

Old favorites are reimagined in this casual class. Experienced and novice bakers alike will discover the delightful effects of banana and cardamom, rosemary and black pepper on three old standbys: shortbread, chocolate chip, and gingersnaps. We'll make plenty to sample- and save for later.
Sat, Sep 16th, 2017
2 hours
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Let's Play: Improvisation Workshop with Dane Stauffer

Whose line is it anyway? Dudley Riggs Brave New Workshop. Second City. Improv Olympic. Improvisation is proliferating as a type of modern storytelling and entertainment. Come find out why! Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the brain- boosting, spirit -lifting, day-brightening fun of collaborative storytelling. Through theatre games,…
Sat, Sep 16th, 2017
Instructor: Dane Stauffer
1 Day
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Nature Writing and Story Arts

A turkey walked across the road. A leaf fell in the forest. So, what’s the big deal? Writing and storytelling can reveal the inspiration and joy found in nature. During this workshop participants explore how to gather and share these stories and their moment-to-moment magic with others. Jon Turk, author…
Fri, Nov 17th, 2017
Instructor: Jon Turk
2 hours
Teaser image for There's an App for That: Smart Phone Photography

There's an App for That: Smart Phone Photography

Learn a handful of iPhone app's giving you a sense of creativity limited only by your own imagination. Bring your fully charged iPhone (and charger) and go for a fun walk with NHFS Instructor Layne Kennedy. Please add these photo apps to your iPhone/SmartPhone;-BlurFX, Snapseed, DistressedFX, Waterlogue, Reflect prior to class…
Sat, Sep 16th, 2017
Instructor: Layne Kennedy