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3.5 Days
Teaser image for Craft of Birch Ski Making: Making Your Own Set

Craft of Birch Ski Making: Making Your Own Set

Discover the secrets of the old Sámi school of ski construction by crafting a custom pair of birch skis to meet your needs. In this course you’ll learn about the origin of ski design, function, and construction. We’ll also cover topics such as wood grain, bending wood, types of bindings,…
Thu, Jan 7th, 2021  –  Sun, Jan 10th, 2021
Day 1: 5pm - 9pm; Days 2 - 4: 9am - 5pm
Instructor: Ian Andrus
4 Days
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Fly Fishing the North Shore: Fall Run Prep Session

Fall is an exciting time on the North Shore of Lake Superior. The leaves are gorgeous and the steelhead and salmon are just starting their spawning run. This class is for those who want to experience an intensive study of this amazing event and maximize their chances of catching mighty…
Sun, Oct 4th, 2020  –  Wed, Oct 7th, 2020
Day 1: 12pm-7pm, Days 2 & 3: 10am-6pm; Day 4: 10am-4pm
2½ Days
Teaser image for Kick Sled Building: Push and Glide

Kick Sled Building: Push and Glide

Scandinavians know how to move on snow. Follow in their tracks, and take advantage of snow-covered roads, sidewalks, and trails by crafting a kick sled of ash wood this winter. Learn both basic and advanced woodworking skills. From laminating wood for making runners to shaping a customized handlebar used for steering,…
Fri, Dec 4th, 2020  –  Sun, Dec 6th, 2020
Day 1: 5pm-8pm; Days 2 & 3 9am-5pm
Instructor: Randy Schnobrich