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John Manthei visits from The Folk School Fairbanks

Posted April 25, 2023

A special part about life at North House is getting to host instructors from all over the globe, and witnessing the connections that form between craftspeople from near and far.

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A Multitude of Subtleties

Posted October 18, 2022
by Nate White

Resident Artisan Nate White recounts making a "democratic" chair. Using  a minimum of hand tools reduces the barriers to learning and practicing a craft, making it more accessible for everyone.

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Gathering Inspiration

Posted December 21, 2021
by Nathan White

North House resident artisan Nathan White finds inspiration in nature and in art. Read more about his recent experiences in the artisane development program in his latest blog post. 

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Every Tree Has Stories to Tell

Posted December 2, 2021
by Emily Derke

In her latest blog post, resident artisan Emily Derke writes about a recent exhibition organized by North House Instructor John Zasada. 

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Introducing Nathan White

Posted October 21, 2021

Meet Nathan White, one of the new residents in the Artisan Development Program at North House, in this introductory blog post. 

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It Takes a Forest to Build a Chair

Posted April 6, 2021

It Takes a Forest to Build a Chair: Lead Instructor John Beltman writes about what it takes to make a chair in a recent issue of Northern Wilds. 


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Thanks for joining us for Wood Month!

Posted March 26, 2021

Thank you for joining us for our virtual Wood Month programs! If you missed or want to revisit any of the programs, several of them are available to view here

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Wood Canvas Canoe Restorations

Posted March 25, 2021
by Josh Tolkan

Resident artisan boatbuilder Josh Tolkan talks through a recent canoe restoration in his latests blog post. 

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Early Norwegian Sea Chests

Posted March 26, 2020
by Josh Tolkan

Wooden storage boxes have long been considered a great woodworking project with challenges varied enough to meet skill levels from beginner to advanced.

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Wordslöjd & Jargoncraft: an Intern Dictionary of Discovery

Posted March 20, 2020
by Jake Fee

Welcome, reader, to a new and regular blog series, featuring the unique vocabularies of North House craft. Let’s begin.

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