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A Garden to Dye For

Posted February 21, 2024
by Liz O'Brien

Greater biodiversity, more vibrant colors, taking the time to slow down—there are myriad benefits to growing plants for natural dyes. In this post, Resident Artisan Liz O'Brien writes about growing a garden to dye for. 

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Trial and Error: Working with Mockups

Posted February 19, 2024
by Caroline Feyling

Why make a sample when you can get straight to the fun part? In this post, Caroline Feyling writes about an integral part of the sewing process: working with mockups.

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From Sheep to Shawls: Spinning with Martha Owen

Posted January 18, 2024

Raising sheep, spinning yarn, playing banjo—Martha Owen is a multitalended craftsperson and instructor from the John C. Campbell Folk School. We're thrilled to welcome her this April to teach two spinning courses!

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New Year’s Reflections

Posted January 14, 2024
by Caroline Feyling

New year's reflections from a fiber artist: in her latest blog post, Caroline Feyling writes about stepping out of her comfort zone, growing her skills, and about how failing means that you're learning. 

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Fiber Week 2024

Posted January 5, 2024

Hold onto your (knit) hats—Fiber Week is coming up February 12-19! With coursework, craft demonstrations, a Fiber Fun Fair, and lots more, this is a thematic week you won't want to miss. 

Sashiko Ori Weaving: A Conversation with Beth Ross Johnson

Posted December 19, 2023

Beth Ross Johnson is a North Carolina fiber artist who has a special interest in folk textiles from Japan. In this post, Beth shares about her upcoming Sashiko Ori weaving course and what she loves about this unique style of weaving.

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Outfit Repeater: Recreating Childhood Folk Costume Twenty-Two Years Later

Posted December 6, 2023
by Caroline Feyling

Caroline Feyling brings things full circle by creating a Gudbrandsdal bunad, designed after a bunad she wore as a girl. In her newest blog post, she shares about the rich history and family connections found in this Norwegian folk costume. 

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Practicing Color Alchemy: Getting Started

Posted November 20, 2023
by Liz O'Brien

Take your first steps down the path of natural dye work. In this blog post, Liz O'Brien offers a step-by-step guide to the mesmerizing process of color alchemy. 

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Summer Scraps

Posted September 1, 2022
by Laura Brown

In her latest blog post, Resident Artisan Laura Brown reflects on summer and some fun new directions in her quilting.  

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Be Still Enough to Listen

Posted June 30, 2022
by Elise Kyllo

As Artisan Development Program alumnus Elise Kyllo wraps up her Scandinavian travels, she takes a moment to reflect on her experiences and think about how they will influence her life and work going forward. 

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