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3.5 Days
Teaser image for Warp and Weft: Introduction to Floor Loom Weaving

Warp and Weft: Introduction to Floor Loom Weaving

Textiles are integral in our lives, yet so often overlooked! Creating one’s own cloth empowers expression through color, texture, and design. In this course, we will explore these elements through weaving on a four-harness floor loom. Students will learn the principles of handweaving, including designing a project, preparing a warp,…
Thu, Jan 14th, 2021  –  Sun, Jan 17th, 2021
Day 1: 1-5pm, Days 2&3: 9am-5pm, Day 4: 9am-noon
Instructor: Christine Novotny
3 Days
Teaser image for Wooden Spoon Carving Traditions

Wooden Spoon Carving Traditions

Carving wooden spoons is a tradition in Scandinavia, where carvers crafted spoons for home use, for seasonal income, and to give as gifts. The techniques, designs, and embellishments commonly used today are deeply embedded in centuries of cultural history, but spoon carving is also a vibrant and growing craft tradition…
Thu, Mar 11th, 2021  –  Sat, Mar 13th, 2021
Instructors: Fred Livesay, Mike Loeffler