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1 day
Teaser image for From Noodles to Strudels

From Noodles to Strudels

Eastern European cultures are a treasure chest of delicious foods that have found their way, pre-made and packaged, onto grocery store shelves. This class returns these foods to their handmade origins. We’ll make noodles from various grains; bring your biceps because we’re using rolling pins! We’ll explore some regional dumplings…
Sat, Jul 27th, 2019
Instructor: Kim Ode
7 Days
German-style Timber Frame

German-Style Timber Framing

Before Sketch Up and other CAD programs, timber framers brought a low-tech but highly skilled approach to layout. Techniques for lay-out varied depending on geography: German methods, French methods, Japanese methods and American methods all differ. Using the method he learned in German trade school, instructor Gerald David will lead…
Sat, Jul 27th, 2019  –  Fri, Aug 2nd, 2019
Instructor: Gerald David
1 day
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Gluten Free Holiday Baking

This course is for anyone with concerns about gluten who does not want to give up the pleasures of holiday desserts.  The class is based on a reliable easy and delicious pie crust recipe, from which students will create three different holiday treats. In addition, gluten free ingredients, techniques, and…
Sat, Dec 8th, 2018
Instructor: John Beltman
5 Days
Teaser image for Grand Marais & Beyond Nature Photography Workshop: Summer Session

Grand Marais & Beyond Nature Photography Workshop: Summer Session

Grand Marais & Beyond is a unique opportunity to photograph and explore the pristine shores of Lake Superior with editorial photographer Layne Kennedy ( The course is designed for the enthusiastic photographer, amateur or professional, with an emphasis on storytelling with your photography. At the conclusion of the workshop, each…
Wed, Jul 24th, 2019  –  Sun, Jul 28th, 2019
Instructor: Layne Kennedy
3 days
Teaser image for Hand Carved Wooden Signs

Hand Carved Wooden Signs

Personalize any place by creating a hand-carved wooden sign. Woodcarver Jock Holmen will teach the entire sign-making process, from proper design to layout, letter and incise carving, painting and finishing options while students work on a personal project. Whether it will hang at the cabin, the garden, a business or…
Tue, Mar 5th, 2019  –  Thu, Mar 7th, 2019
Instructor: Jock Holmen
3 Days
Teaser image for Hand-Forged 'Using' Knife

Hand-Forged 'Using' Knife

This class is just what the title suggests- making a knife that is meant to be used- in the garden or forest, for cooking or hunting.  We will begin by hand-forging a blade of high-carbon steel, starting from round stock.  With the blade forged to shape, we will do heat…
Wed, Jun 19th, 2019  –  Fri, Jun 21st, 2019
Instructor: Robert Schulz
2 days
Teaser image for Hand-Sewn Leather Tote Bag

Hand-Sewn Leather Tote Bag

A beautiful and sturdy leather tote can last a lifetime. This class will introduce leatherworking skills and design techniques that may be applied to a variety of future projects. In this class, we will make a hand-stitched, leather tote – perfect for toting a laptop or several books. The finished…
Sat, Feb 23rd, 2019  –  Sun, Feb 24th, 2019
Instructor: Candace LaCosse
2 Days
Teaser image for Handcrafting Doors: From Stiles to Rails

Handcrafting Doors: From Stiles to Rails

Doors play a role in everyone’s day-to-day life, whether solid, windowed or screened. They do everything from keeping the weather out to guarding our belongings. In this course, you'll learn about the basic techniques of door construction. Styles include a basic interior door (32” wide) and a screen door (36”…
Sat, Feb 23rd, 2019  –  Sun, Feb 24th, 2019
Instructor: Randy Schnobrich
1 Day
Teaser image for Handmade Pasta

Handmade Pasta

While a craving for fresh handmade pasta might make you more likely to think "I'll make reservations!" than "I'll make dough!," this does not need to be the case. Learn to demystify making fresh pasta. Once you learn, you’ll never want to go back to boil-from-a-box pastas again!  In this…
Sat, Feb 9th, 2019
Instructor: Karalyn Littlefield
1 day
Teaser image for Handmade Whisk Brooms

Handmade Whisk Brooms

One whisk broom is never enough! Great for cleaning off car seats or work benches, whisking dirt out of the tent while camping, sweeping those dust bunnies into the dustpan, brushing fur from clothing, or using around the wood stove for little bits of wood and ash, you'll wonder how…
Sat, Feb 9th, 2019
Instructor: Marybeth Garmoe
3 Days
Teaser image for Herbalism Apprentice: Beginner's Botanical Medicine, Self Care to Community

Herbalism Apprentice: Beginner's Botanical Medicine, Self Care to Community

Desire to be more self-sustainable with your health care and home? Dipped your toes into the deep waters of herbalism, and ready to learn more? Combine the intuitive art and solid science of botanical medicine, apprenticing with a Master Herbalist for an intensive weekend. Core components include: foundations in natural…
Fri, Mar 22nd, 2019  –  Sun, Mar 24th, 2019
Instructor: Gigi Stafne
2 Days
Teaser image for Japanese Folk Craft: 'The Wagatabon' Carved Wood Tray

Japanese Folk Craft: 'The Wagatabon' Carved Wood Tray

Wagatabon is a type of wooden tray that used to be made by roof shingle makers in Wagatani village, Ishikawa, the snowy area of Japan. It is said that the trays were made there since early 17th century. The makers used to cleave green chestnut log to produce shingles, and…
Thu, Mar 7th, 2019  –  Sat, Mar 9th, 2019
Instructor: Masashi Kutsuwa
Sun, Mar 10th, 2019  –  Mon, Mar 11th, 2019
Instructor: Masashi Kutsuwa
2½ Days
Teaser image for Kick Sled Building: Push and Glide

Kick Sled Building: Push and Glide

Scandinavians know how to move on snow. Follow in their tracks, and take advantage of snow-covered roads, sidewalks and trails by crafting a kick sled this winter. Learn both basic and advanced woodworking skills; from laminating wood to make runners to shaping a customized handlebar used for steering, you’ll walk (or…
Fri, Dec 7th, 2018  –  Sun, Dec 9th, 2018
Instructor: Randy Schnobrich
Fri, Dec 14th, 2018  –  Sun, Dec 16th, 2018
Instructor: Randy Schnobrich
2½ days
Teaser image for Kitchen Basket and Beyond: Black Ash Hex Weave

Kitchen Basket and Beyond: Black Ash Hex Weave

The hex weave basket is commonly called a "cheese basket" because it can be used for processing cheese. However, this holey design is perfect for holding produce or other display needs. This project will be made from pre-pounded Black Ash splints, which the students will help cut and prepare. The…
Fri, Jan 18th, 2019  –  Sun, Jan 20th, 2019
Instructor: April Stone
½ day
Lovikka mittens

Knit a Traditional Swedish “Lovikka” Mitten

Learn how to knit and embroider a mitten in the Swedish Lovikka style. Lovikka is a town located near the Arctic Circle with a renowned tradition of Sami-inspired embroidered embellishments, including a braided tassel. This mitten is knit in the round on double-pointed needles using a single ply yarn. The…
Sun, May 19th, 2019
Instructor: Wendy Johnson