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Paul Linden

Minneapolis, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Paul Linden

Paul is an artist who works in the Art Department of the University of Minnesota. He has taught courses and workshops in sculptural woodworking, metal fabrication, and metal-casting; and has a deep love for craft-based techniques. Paul has almost never met a tool that he didn’t like, and proves this by his ever-expanding collection. He takes great satisfaction from using self-made tools and is constantly modifying, remaking, and learning the use of old and new hand tools. Paul tries to spend all of his extra time either in the wood or metal shop, or outside with his kids.

Current Courses Offered by Paul Linden

Teaser image for <p>Kids in the Woodshop: Carving with a Knife</p>

Kids in the Woodshop: Carving with a Knife

This is a course for kids only, and it is designed as an introduction to the safe and efficient use of the knife as a carving tool. Many craftspeople are interested in reversing the stigma that knives often carry in contemporary modern society, one that identifies them as weapons. We…
Fri, Oct 22nd, 2021
Instructor: Paul Linden
Teaser image for Kids in the Woodshop: Tools & Building

Kids in the Woodshop: Tools & Building

This course is meant as an introduction for young people to the various tools and simple skills involved in working with wood. We will start with an introduction to common tools, stressing safety for both the child and the tools. We'll practice some common skills like sawing, drilling and carving.…
Fri, Oct 22nd, 2021
Instructor: Paul Linden
Teaser image for Krympburkar: Scandanavian-Style Shrink Boxes

Krympburkar: Scandanavian-Style Shrink Boxes

The shrink box is a wooden container that relies on a simple trick: Freshly cut (green) wood and dry wood behave differently. The body of the vessel is made from green wood that changes in size as it dries (putting the “shrink” in shrink box). The bottom of the vessel…
Fri, Dec 3rd, 2021  –  Sun, Dec 5th, 2021
9 am-5 pm each day
Instructors: Paul Linden, Jim Sannerud
Teaser image for Youth Craft Camp: Wood, Fiber, Water

Youth Craft Camp: Wood, Fiber, Water

This week of Craft Camp will focus on Gitchee Gami, the “Big Lake”, and the ways in which people over time have used small boats for work and play in the Grand Marais harbor. We will learn and practice various wood and fiber skills (such as knife carving, the use…
Mon, Aug 9th, 2021  –  Fri, Aug 13th, 2021
9 am-4 pm each day
Instructors: Paul Linden, Anna Sharratt

Past Courses Offered by Paul Linden

Carving for Kids

Everyday Slöjd for the Bed & Bath

Everyday Slöjd for the Garden

Everyday Slöjd for the Kitchen

Everyday Slöjd- A Firewood Carrier made from Firewood

Kids Only - Slöjd in the Wood Shop

Making Wooden-Bodied Hand Planes - 9/14/2018

Strippers, Splitters, Knockers and Froes: Tools for Basket-Making

Summer Camp - All-Levels Woodworking: Things That Fly

Summer Camp - Intermediate Woodworking: Things That Float

Three Rare Tools in Three Days

Tool-Making for Woodworkers and Others

Woodworking Camp for ages 11-14

Woodworking Camp for ages 7-10

You Saw it Here First: A Handsaw Primer