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11 Days
Teaser image for Cedar-Strip Boatbuilding: Build Your Own Canoe or Kayak

Cedar-Strip Boatbuilding: Build Your Own Canoe or Kayak

Enjoy the contrast of light and dark wooden strips, the quiet lapping of water on wood and the pride of craftsmanship that stems from building your own cedar-strip boat. From start to finish, cut thin cedar planks and learn to assemble an appealing pattern for your canoe or kayak. Students…
Mon, Sep 18th, 2017  –  Thu, Sep 28th, 2017
Instructor: Ken Koscik
2 Days
Teaser image for Celestial Navigation 1: The Noon Sight for Latitude and Longitude

Celestial Navigation 1: The Noon Sight for Latitude and Longitude

Celestial navigation is one of the oldest of all forms of navigation and for thousands of years has guided mariners safely across the trackless oceans of the world. It is a traditional craft that is rich in both history and romance. With the advent of modern electronics, one can now…
Thu, Oct 5th, 2017  –  Fri, Oct 6th, 2017
Instructor: Mark Gordon
2 days
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Celestial Navigation 2 : Spending the Day with the Sun

Once you've mastered the Noon Sight, it is time to spend a day with the sun, taking sextant sights throughout the day and advancing your position on the chart. This course will take students beyond the noon sight and teach them how to find a position by taking sextant sights…
Sat, Oct 7th, 2017  –  Sun, Oct 8th, 2017
Instructor: Mark Gordon
3 Days
Teaser image for Coiled Basketry: The Pine Needle Pouch

Coiled Basketry: The Pine Needle Pouch

In this three day intermediate basketry course, students will take their coiling skills to a new level. Using an innovative mold-method developed by Jean, students will use a variety of easily harvested materials to create a pouch-shaped basket. The use of grasses and needles in coiled baskets has long been…
Sat, Oct 21st, 2017  –  Mon, Oct 23rd, 2017
Instructor: Jean Koon
2 Days
Teaser image for Colors of Autumn Bead Embroidery

Colors of Autumn Bead Embroidery

Autumn brings a riot of color to landscape of the North Shore. This workshop is your opportunity to capture a bit of the season with beads. Each participant will bring an autumn image to inspire their design. From your image you will create a unique “bead painting” embroidered on felted…
Thu, Sep 14th, 2017  –  Fri, Sep 15th, 2017
Instructor: Jo Wood
1 Day
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Cooking with the Seasons: Dinner on the Harbor

Spend a fun evening in the kitchen as you learn new cooking skills in a couples format and share great culinary fun with other students who love to cook. In this hands-on, participatory cooking class, you’ll prepare and enjoy a delicious summer evening meal, including wine pairings and craft brews.…
Fri, Jul 14th, 2017
Instructor: Judi Barsness
Fri, Aug 11th, 2017
Instructor: Judi Barsness
1 Day
Teaser image for Craft of Sail

Craft of Sail

Spend a day on Lake Superior aboard the Hjørdis, a traditional gaff-rigged 50’ schooner, learning the craft of sail. This course offers the student a full day of hands-on experience learning points of sail, seamanship, rope-work, sailing terminology and boat handling technique. As a floating classroom, the Hjørdis is a…
Fri, Jul 28th, 2017
Instructor: Matt Thomas
Fri, Aug 18th, 2017
Instructor: Matt Thomas
1 Day
Teaser image for Crafting Cider: Hard and Sweet

Crafting Cider: Hard and Sweet

From traditions reaching deep into American and European history, the art of making fine craft ciders is at once satisfying and simple. In this class we will start by pressing some juice, you'll also learn about blending, yeast choices, racking, bottling and we'll finnish the day with a tasting session.…
Sun, Oct 22nd, 2017
Instructor: Lindsay Lee
4 Days
Teaser image for Crafting the Throwing Axe

Crafting the Throwing Axe

Popularized today by many historical reenactors of the fur trade era, the throwing axe is a weapon that is deeply embedded in North American history. Akin to the hatchet it offers the ability to split and chop wood but is also designed to be used as a hand to hand…
Mon, Aug 7th, 2017  –  Thu, Aug 10th, 2017
Instructor: Cody Myers
2 Days
Teaser image for Custom Leather Sandal Construction

Custom Leather Sandal Construction

A pair of sandals that fits just right is a highly prized possession—and all the better if they are attractive and one-of-a-kind. Create a pair of custom hand-stitched leather sandals to enjoy for years to come. Students will sketch ideas and discuss execution, working from a few basic designs the…
Sat, Jul 1st, 2017  –  Sun, Jul 2nd, 2017
Instructor: Candace LaCosse
5 days
Teaser image for Damascus Rings: Jewelry from the Blacksmith Shop

Damascus Rings: Jewelry from the Blacksmith Shop

Combining blacksmithing and jewelry-making, this course offers an opportunity for beginning students of any interest to develop their skills as they forge and craft a Damascus ring with a silver liner. Students will begin by forging a piece Damascus steel, a particularly beautiful and ornamental steel filled with folds and…
Wed, Aug 2nd, 2017  –  Sun, Aug 6th, 2017
Instructor: Robert Burns
1 Day
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Ethnic Pastries: A European Tour

Travel across Europe from the comfort of your own kitchen in this intensive, hands-on one-day exploration of beloved ethnic pastries. We’ll make a classic Danish pastry, a German kasekuchen with quark, and other treats that uphold longtime baking traditions. We’ll use the commercial ovens in the North House teaching kitchen,…
Sat, Nov 4th, 2017
Instructor: Kim Ode
2½ Days
Teaser image for Expedition Footwear: Making Hide & Canvas Mukluks

Expedition Footwear: Making Hide & Canvas Mukluks

Remember the last time your feet were too cold to enjoy wonderful wintry weather? Do away with rigid unbreathable footwear and discover the traditional footwear of the north: mukluks. The flexibility of the natural materials used in construction allows the foot to generate heat, and a breathable layering system allows…
Fri, Nov 10th, 2017  –  Sun, Nov 12th, 2017
Instructor: Jo Wood
2½ Days
Teaser image for Expedition Footwear: Making Hide & Canvas Mukluks Up the Gunflint Trail

Expedition Footwear: Making Hide & Canvas Mukluks Up the Gunflint Trail

North House is pleased to announce an opportunity to experience the rich ecological beauty and cultural history of the Gunflint Trail AND immerse in the traditional northern craft of mukluk making. This session of Expedition Footwear: Making Mukluks will be taught by long-time North House instructor Jo Wood at Gunflint…
Fri, Nov 3rd, 2017  –  Sun, Nov 5th, 2017
Instructor: Jo Wood
2.25 days
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Fall Migrants on the Gunflint: Birding up the Trail

Fall birding deep in the boreal forest on the edge of the Boundary Waters offers a tremendous time to spot neo-tropical migrants during the peak of migration. Held at historic Gunflint Lodge, this unique offering will immerse students in the pristine wilderness of the Gunflint Trail with esteemed Minnesota birder…
Tue, Sep 5th, 2017  –  Thu, Sep 7th, 2017
Instructor: Bob Janssen