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Courses for March and April 2022 are now posted online, go have a look. Registration opens next week, so there is plenty of time to pour over our the 2022 catalog that should be hitting mailboxes as we speak and find a perfect course.

Posted October 19, 2021
The latest batch of courses is newly posted online, this tranche opens for registration next week.…
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Big changes are happening this summer on North House's campus in Grand Marais. There's a new timbered stairway under construction, an improved bike trail, and a more visible crosswalk to keep students safe when crossing the highway.

Posted October 18, 2021
Re-building our new east campus entrance in collaboration with North House's neighbors…
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In her latest blog post, Christine Novotny gives us a glimpse into the fascinating process of weaving large blankets!  

Posted October 14, 2021
by Christine Novotny
In July, I traveled out to Vävstuga Weaving School to take a class with Becky Ashenden on…
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Read North House instructor Kim Ode's article on the craft of cooking and why baking biscuits should be a part of our everyday lives.

Posted October 13, 2021
by Kim Ode
When we think about craft, our thoughts may drift toward pursuits that are artistic, inventive and…
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Basket Week 2021 is here! Many classes and seminars are taking place online and on campus, including a stream of the film Tracing Roots and a presentation from Kelly Church.

Posted October 7, 2021
View the full Basket Week 2021 event page. Sign up to watch Tracing Roots anytime this week,…
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Gwen Westerman is Minnesota's latest Poet Laureate. Earlier this year she presented a "Lunch and Learn" on her storytelling and quilt making, along with how her homeland informs her art.

Posted October 6, 2021
Stories from the Land - Gwen Westerman
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In her latest blog post, Resident Artisan Emily Derke writes about her experience learning about hide tanning on a trip to Oregon.

Posted September 30, 2021
by Emily Derke
I just returned from a trip to southern Oregon, where I spent a week with Matt & Michelle…
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The nationally-renowned PBS series Craft in America is filming an episode that that features North House. Hear more from this 6 minute radio interview from WTIP.

Posted September 29, 2021
Listen to the full story reported by former North House intern Barbara Jean Meyers for WTIP WTIP…
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North House fiber Instructor Laura Ricketts writes about her deep research into the beauty and functionality of traditional Sámi craft.

Posted September 24, 2021
Laura teaches two online North House classes this winter: Forest Pond Skolt Sami Mittens and…
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North House Artisan Development Program resident weaver Christine is featured in this week's episode of "Cut the Craft."

Posted September 20, 2021
If that catches your eye, don't miss earlier episodes featuring North House instructors April…
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