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Marcie McIntire

Grand Portage, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Marcie McIntire

Beadwork is widely practiced in Grand Portage, where for generations it has enlivened the lives of Ojibwe people. Many of Marcie's relatives have been beadworkers, and Marcie learned by watching her mother. Today she is a traditional artist specializing in floral-based Ojibwe beadwork, and operates her own gallery, Ningii-Ozhitoomin Ojibwe Art Gallery, in Grand Portage. Marcie has been commissioned for exhibitions and instruction and teaches as far away as Arizona and Florida and as close to home as Ontario and throughout Minnesota.

Past Courses Offered by Marcie McIntire

Anishinaabe-Style Bead Embroidery & Moccasin Sewing

Anishinaabe-Style Bead Embroidery & Moccasin Sewing

Anishinaabe-Style Bead Embroidery and Moccasin Sewing Online Course

Anishinaabe-Style Beaded Baby Moccasins

Anishinaabe-Style Beaded Baby Moccasins: Online Course

Bead Weaving: Deerskin Bag

Beaded Doilies

Beaded Leather Bag

Beaded Leather Bag: Online Course

Deerskin Mittens with Anishinaabe-Style Beadwork

Deerskin Mittens with Anishinaabe-Style Beadwork: Online Course

Intro to Anishinaabe-Style Beadwork: Online Course

Introduction to Anishinaabe-Style Beadwork

Moccasin-Making & Bead Embroidery in the Anishinaabe Style