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Pop and Lock it: Lidded Boxes on the Lathe

Posted March 15, 2018
by Angela Robins
Snap, pop, squeak. These are a few of my (new) favorite things: the sounds of a well-fitted wooden…
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Revisiting the Past

Posted February 15, 2018
by Marybeth Garmoe
Marybeth is one of the newest Resident Artisans in our Artisan Development Program. To learn more…
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Setting Up Shop

Posted February 1, 2018
by Mike Loeffler
Hello everybody. My name is Mike Loeffler and I am one of the newest resident artisans in the…
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A moment with resident artisan, Angela Robins | Artisan Development Program at North House Folk School

Posted December 7, 2017
by North House Folk School
The Artisan Development Program is a new program intended to foster the growth of the next…
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A Modern Day Old-Fashioned Log Cabin

Posted October 25, 2015
by North House Folk School
At North House, I frequently have the experience of being inspired. I strike up a conversation with…
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Posted September 25, 2015
by North House Folk School
Of all the woodworking classes that we offer, Automata: Making Wood Move may be the most whimsical.…
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Building Traditional Snowshoes

Posted August 19, 2015
by North House Folk School
We call it "Live Craft". Every intern at North House chooses a skill that they want to develop and…
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