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Time, and Harvest Time

Posted July 10, 2020
by Emily Derke

New Blog Post: Time, and Harvest Time: Emily Derke offers some insights on time and materials in her rope-making experiments. 

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Envisioning the Next World

Posted June 26, 2020
by Christine Novotny

Envisioning the Next World: A new blog post from Christine Novotny

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North House Student Survey

Posted June 22, 2020

What digital craft content and online course offerings would you like to see from North House? Take the survey!

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Wooden Boat Show 2020 Event Recordings

Posted June 22, 2020

Thank you for joining us for Wooden Boat Show 2020! The event is over now, but recordings of all webinars, craft demonstrations, boat tours, and more can be found on our Crafting in Place page.

Becoming Intimate with the Characters of Wool

Posted June 12, 2020
by Elise Kyllo

Elise Kyllo discusses craft during COVID and how wool is a version of resilience. 

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Moving Forward

Posted June 10, 2020

The past weeks—from the killing of George Floyd to protests across the nation—speak loudly. The sobering facts call all of us to think again about the world we hope to create and the values we want to live by. 

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North House Narratives: Mark Hansen Traded a Sleeping Bag for a Pony

Posted May 28, 2020
by Nia Zekan

North House Intern Nia Zekan sits down with North House founder Mark Hansen to share some stories, philosophies, and motivations. 

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Director's Update, May 2020

Posted May 21, 2020
by Greg Wright

Director’s Update, May 2020

A message from our Executive Director, Greg Wright

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Milling My Own Lumber

Posted May 21, 2020
by Josh Tolkan

Resident artisan and boat builder Josh Tolkan takes to the woods with his new chainsaw mill and writes about the experience in his new blog post. 

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Course cancellations extended through July 5th

Posted May 19, 2020
by Greg Wright

Course cancellations extended through July 5th.

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