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Teaser image for Adirondack Chair Building

Adirondack Chair Building

Without question, the Adirondack chair is a timeless classic - its high back, large armrests, and contoured seat and back are unmistakable. For many, the Adirondack chair defines the ideal deck or lawn chair for a well-deserved break. This course is the perfect opportunity for you to learn and expand…
Fri, Mar 11th, 2022  –  Sun, Mar 13th, 2022
Days 1 and 2: 9am-5pm Day 3: 9am-Noon
Instructor: Randy Schnobrich
Teaser image for Advanced Scandinavian Painting: Holi-Dala Horse: Online

Advanced Scandinavian Painting: Holi-Dala Horse: Online

Please note this is an Online Course. Get festive with Scandinavian Folk Painting on a wooden Dala horse plaque. Kim has designed a new holiday-themed Dala horse that will give painters with some painting/rosemaling experience a chance to practice skills. We'll gather on Zoom to paint together over a Friday…
Fri, Nov 12th, 2021  –  Sat, Nov 13th, 2021
Day 1: 2-5pm CST Day 2: 10am-4pm CST
Instructor: Kim Garrett
Teaser image for All Ground Up: Sausage Making

All Ground Up: Sausage Making

Make your own sausage flavored the way you like it using your favorite meats. As a class, we will make and take home 4 to 5 kinds of sausage of your choosing from a list of about 10 varieties. These will be fresh, non-smoked, non-cured sausages like bratwurst, breakfast sausage,…
Sat, Nov 13th, 2021  –  Sun, Nov 14th, 2021
Instructor: Jay DeCoux
Sat, Jan 15th, 2022  –  Sun, Jan 16th, 2022
9am-5pm each day
Instructor: Jay DeCoux
Sat, Feb 26th, 2022  –  Sun, Feb 27th, 2022
9am-5pm each day
Instructor: Jay DeCoux
Teaser image for Anishinaabe-Style Beaded Baby Moccasins: Online Course

Anishinaabe-Style Beaded Baby Moccasins: Online Course

Discover the designs, color, styles and technique of traditional bead embroidery while crafting moccasins designed for baby feet. Create a gift that will be treasured for years to come (and that will stay on those adorable little feet). Students will design and sew a pair of moccasins using quality tanned…
Sat, Jan 8th, 2022  –  Sat, Jan 29th, 2022
2-4pm CST four Saturday afternoons January 8, 15, 22, 29
Instructor: Marcie McIntire
Teaser image for Artisan Breads Immersion

Artisan Breads Immersion

Lace-up your baking shoes and get ready for an artisan breads baking marathon. Combining the skills of our popular Artisan Breads I and II courses, this two-and-a-half-day intensive course allows students to dig deep into hand-crafted, long-fermented, and hot-hearth baked breads. We’ll explore pre-ferments and a long cool rise to…
Fri, Jan 28th, 2022  –  Sun, Jan 30th, 2022
Day 1: 4pm-8pm, Days 2 & 3: 8am-4pm
Instructor: Amy James
Teaser image for Automata: Mechanical Marvels in Wood

Automata: Mechanical Marvels in Wood

Cranks wind, gears turn, dragons chomp, and birds fly. Welcome to the whimsical world of automata: simple wooden machines that delight and amaze. Join Cecilia Schiller for a four-day exploration of the art of making wooden machines and the mechanisms that make things move. Starting with the design process in…
Fri, Feb 25th, 2022  –  Tue, Mar 1st, 2022
9am-5pm each day
Instructor: Cecilia Schiller
Teaser image for Basic Relief Carving

Basic Relief Carving

We will welcome esteemed woodcarver and instructor Mary May as our Featured Instructor for Wood Week 2022. In this course, Mary will teach a variety of relief carving techniques, beginning with basic shell and floral motifs. She will discuss how to work with the grain and address issues that arise…
Tue, Mar 15th, 2022  –  Thu, Mar 17th, 2022
9am-5pm each day
Instructor: Mary May
Teaser image for Basic Timber Framing

Basic Timber Framing

Learn the planning, layout, and joinery necessary to construct a traditional timber frame (post and beam) structure, such as North House's blacksmith shop, bread oven shelter, fish house classroom, and other structures around campus. The course begins with the basic mortise and tenon joint, and then expands on these techniques…
Fri, Apr 29th, 2022  –  Tue, May 3rd, 2022
9am - 5pm each day
Instructors: Tom Healy, Peter Henrikson
Teaser image for Beginning Spinning: Spindle and Wheel

Beginning Spinning: Spindle and Wheel

Discover the historical craft of hand carding and spinning on a spinning wheel. Beginning spinsters will strive to “get the feel” for the simple act of creating consistent yarn. Those with some prior experience will work to improve their techniques. Class will include ample time for discussions of many topics,…
Fri, Apr 1st, 2022  –  Sun, Apr 3rd, 2022
9am-5pm each day
Instructor: Martha Owen
Teaser image for Better Butter Baking

Better Butter Baking

We know that butter makes it better. But which butter? And what’s behind the magic? We’ll explore the wonders of lamination and see how only a few folds of butter and dough result in dozens of flaky layers. Croissants will be the main attraction, as we make both the classic…
Fri, Nov 5th, 2021  –  Sat, Nov 6th, 2021
Day 1: 4pm-5pm and Day 2: 9am-4:30pm
Instructor: Kim Ode
Fri, Mar 4th, 2022  –  Sat, Mar 5th, 2022
Day 1: 4 - 5pm Day 2: 9am - 4:30pm
Instructor: Kim Ode
Teaser image for Birch Bark Basketry

Birch Bark Basketry

Birch bark holds a multitude of uses, and has been widely used across the world wherever birch trees have grown for much longer than anyone can remember. Even now, it is a common material for making useful things that utilize the locally available materials. What can be done with birch…
Fri, Jan 21st, 2022  –  Sun, Jan 23rd, 2022
Days 1 and 2: 9am-5pm Day 3: 9am-noon
Instructor: Emily Derke
Teaser image for Birch Bark Stars, Birds, and More

Birch Bark Stars, Birds, and More

From birds to beads, there are so many possibilities when it comes to birch bark. Join accomplished weavers Jack and Julie to learn to weave a variety of small projects, including garlands and a three dimensional star and more. Learn about the ecology of this iconic northern tree and leave…
Sat, Dec 11th, 2021  –  Sun, Dec 12th, 2021
Day one: 9 am-5 pm Day two: 9 am-noon
Instructors: Julie Kean, Jack Sneve
Teaser image for Bird Carving

Bird Carving

This course will introduce students to the world of bird carving. This is a great class for beginners and experienced carvers alike. We will focus on song birds commonly found in the sub-boreal forest of the Lake Superior region. Of course, each bird is different but the general form, anatomy,…
Sat, Dec 4th, 2021  –  Sun, Dec 5th, 2021
Instructor: Mike Loeffler
Fri, Feb 4th, 2022  –  Sun, Feb 6th, 2022
9am-5pm each day
Instructor: Mike Loeffler
Teaser image for Black Ash Pack Basket

Black Ash Pack Basket

The black ash pack basket: It's beautiful, highly functional, and can be made using simple materials. The first part of the class will be spent preparing black ash splint for your basket by pounding a locally harvested log. Next, you'll weave the basket and finish it with a rim, and…
Fri, Mar 25th, 2022  –  Sun, Mar 27th, 2022
9am-5pm each day
Instructor: Ian Andrus
Tue, Mar 29th, 2022  –  Thu, Mar 31st, 2022
9am-5pm each day
Instructor: Ian Andrus
Teaser image for Boat Geometry: Lofting and Half Hull Modeling

Boat Geometry: Lofting and Half Hull Modeling

This class will demystify the traditional practice of boat lofting and help students general skills at reading and understanding boat plans. Boatbuilding requires the brain to break down complex three-dimensional shapes into two-dimensional representations of shapes through a traditional pattern-making technique called lofting. In this class, we will work as…
Thu, Mar 3rd, 2022  –  Sat, Mar 5th, 2022
9am-5pm each day
Instructor: Josh Tolkan