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Brian Thorkildson

St. Paul, MN
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Brian found his passion for woodworking while pounding nails as a kid. Recently his pursuits include building furniture, wooden boats, and many of his own tools. He shares his enthusiasm for woodworking by teaching boatbuilding to youth and adults alike. He lives in Saint Paul with his partner Beth and their two kids, who now swing hammers of their own.

Current Courses Offered by Brian Thorkildson

1 day
Teaser image for West Greenland Kayak Paddle

West Greenland Kayak Paddle

This course leads participants through the design and construction of a traditional Inuit kayak paddle. These paddles feature narrow blades that are well-balanced, lightweight and efficient. Students will learn about wood selection, wood grain considerations, paddle sizing and the theory of shape as applied to shafts and blades. Participants may…
Mon, Jul 1st, 2019
7 Days
Teaser image for West Greenland Skin-on-Frame Kayak: Build Your Own

West Greenland Skin-on-Frame Kayak: Build Your Own

This course is for individuals with a strong interest in creating a seaworthy craft with their own hands. The Inuit kayak from Greenland is a fast and responsive vessel designed for hunting but just as suitable for today’s more common recreational purposes. Students will design their craft to fit their…
Mon, Jun 24th, 2019  –  Sun, Jun 30th, 2019