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Elise Kyllo

Grand Marais, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Elise Kyllo

Elise Kyllo grew up in South Minneapolis but immediately after college she discovered a love for the wilderness while guiding Boundary Waters trips from the end of the Gunflint Trail. This experience ultimately led her back to Grand Marais and to North House Folk School after many years of farming, urban gardening, and being an environmental educator and artist. Somewhere along the way, wool as an artistic medium entered her life and replaced the paints, clay, and inks with a desire to create things of beauty and usefulness with wool. “It’s somewhat of a mystery as to how I fell in love with wool, but undoubtedly it’s the close connection to the land, the sustainability of fiber from sheep, and the magical transformation of wool into an endless list of things with just water, soap, and patient agitation. Felting is completely intoxicating and never, ever dull. There is joy, playfulness, and happy surprises when working with wool, which I love to share with others.” 

Elise is a Artisan in Residence in North House's Artisan Development Program where she focuses on her felting practice.

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Current Courses Offered by Elise Kyllo

2 days
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Spring Felting Sampler: Needle and Wet Felting Online Course

This two session workshop will use wool to make four projects celebrating Spring! Instructor Elise will send students all the wool needed, the needles and few other materials. Students will learn the basics of wet felting; fulling wool, shaping and sculpting wool, mixing colors, laying out wool, different breeds of…
Fri, Mar 26th, 2021
2-5 pm CT on two Fridays March 26th and April 2nd
Instructor: Elise Kyllo
2 days
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Three Dimensional Felting: Bowls and Berets Online Course

Become a better wet felter in this class by sculpting two very different items with the same resist.  A french beret and a vessel have a similar beginning, wool carefully laid out over a round, flat resist and wet felted. How you finish it by felting and fulling will determine…
Fri, May 14th, 2021
1-5 pm CT on two Fridays May 14th and 21st
Instructor: Elise Kyllo

Past Courses Offered by Elise Kyllo

Family Class - Wooly Worlds: Felted Dioramas

Felt a Seat Cozy

Felt a Seat Cozy for the Whole Family

Felt Your Feet: Slippers or Boot Liners

Felted Dioramas for Grownups

Felting for Animals

Felting for the Holidays: Online Course

Felting for the Kitchen

Felting Introduction

Hand Puppets and Oven Mitts

Needle Felting for Repair or Embellishment

No-Knit Felted Hats

Nuno Felting Hats and Scarves

Nuno Felting: Scarves & Wraps

Sculptural Felting: Beyond the Basics

Summer Camp - Adventurous Felting: Make your own slippers

Summer Camp - Fairytale Felting!

Tomtens and Holiday Ornaments

Wet Felting to Keep you Warm: Hats, Slippers, & Mittens

Wool: The (Really) Full Experience--Dyeing, Felting, Spinning & Warp-Weighted Looms

Wool: The Full Experience

Wooly Critters: Intro to Felting

Wooly Tableware: Potholders, Placemats and More