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Fiber Art

Sculptural Felting

Course Overview

Wool, an amazing fiber, is ideal for winter wear in Minnesota, but it is also great for sculpting and painting. Come to this three day class to push the possibilities of wool into three-dimensional pieces that are artistic, playful, and whimsical. Beginning with the basics of wet felting a small 3D piece, students will learn about the interaction of the interior form and exterior form, how to design a piece beginning with a structure using wool or wire, and how to add colorful layers of wool with a needle felting tool that will be wet felted to create a super durable piece. Your imagination will lead each unique project. Imagine stuffed animals, sea creatures, and abstract forms. With three days there will be ample time for several projects, depending on the sizes of the designs you choose. Starting with a simple 3D practice project will lead to successful and less stressful larger projects. Practicing the interior and exterior process will give you a greater understanding of what is possible and give you more control over what you create. There will be the gift of time to practice what you have learned and explore possibilities. Students are encouraged to bring ideas, sketches, or photos of what they would like to make. If there isn't a known goal and you would just like to learn the skills of sculptural felting you will undoubtedly have fun following your instincts and seeing what happens! Your body's abilities will guide your work. Students may purchase additional materials in class if needed for large projects. Youth aged 16 and up are welcome to register for this course. Youth age 12-15 may attend this class with a full-paying adult. The youth registration receives a 25% intergenerational discount.  

Required Tools

  • A variety of towels; hand towels and a couple large towels

Optional Tools

  • Materials to bring: old wool socks, sweaters, blankets that become stuffing. You are welcome to bring foam as your sculptural base, but I prefer an all natural stuffing. Yarns, buttons, driftwood…any creative resources that may inspire you. I will have all natural supplies but welcome your additional materials, especially if you are making something larger than a toaster.

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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