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Fiber Art

Spring Felting Sampler: Needle and Wet Felting Online Course

Course Overview

This two session workshop will use wool to make four projects celebrating Spring! Instructor Elise will send students all the wool needed, the needles and few other materials. Students will learn the basics of wet felting; fulling wool, shaping and sculpting wool, mixing colors, laying out wool, different breeds of sheep, and how to needle felt flat and three dimensional pieces. The instructor will show you how to wet felt your needle felted items to make them durable and long lasting.  

Together we’ll make four projects:

  • A wet felted geode egg that will be “cracked” open 
  • A wet felted wool and silk flower
  • A needle felted small impressionistic painting of spring 
  • A needle felted 3D bunny rabbit

No felting skill is necessary. Experienced felters are encouraged to play. Students will likely discover new tricks and be guaranteed to have fun.

Course open to students ages 12 and up.

Required Tools

The instructor will mail each student a packet of materials in advance including wool, needles, and a few other materials.
Students will need a laptop or tablet with reliable internet connection

  • Students will also need to provide:
  • 1/4 c vinegar (any kind)
  • One egg, plastic or real
  • Rubber band or string or twist tie
  • One hand towel
  • One large towel
  • Small bowl for water
  • Sponge or small towel
  • Liquid soap or bar soap
  • Water proof space to work, a cookie sheet with low sides or a towel covered with plastic work well
  • Sharp scissors
  • A soft base to needle felt on 6"x6": can be a piece of upholstery foam, a sweater, a large sponge

Optional Tools

  • Extra bits of yarn or wool for your painting (will be discussed in week one, not needed until week two)

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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