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Fiber Art

Luminaries and Bowls: 3-D Sculptural and Nuno Felting Online Course

Course Overview

Become a better wet felter in this class by sculpting two very different items with the same resist. A durable bowl/vessel and a thin luminary vessel have a similar beginning; wool carefully laid out over a round, flat resist and then wet felted to create a three dimensional item. How heavy the wool is laid out and how you finish it by fully felting it will determine whether it is something sturdy enough to hold things or light enough to be illuminated. Week one we will make a durable bowl using a coarse wool mixed with merino. Week two we will use a finer wool roving mixed with a layer of silk fabric for a smooth transparent surface, finished with a stiffener. We will practice laying out wool for a very even, thin and consistent surface, consider your design, and then felt, felt, felt. You will learn how to shape a 3-D object, add a silk layer for strength, stretch, shrink, sculpt and avoid visible seams. Some 3-D wet felting experience is helpful but not required.

Required Tools

The instructor will mail each student a packet of materials including two types of wool, silk and the basic wet felting supplies.

Students will need to provide:

  • Bar of soap (olive oil soap is great)
  • Liquid soap (Dawn, 7th Generation, any dish soap works)
  • A large towel and a hand towel
  • Warm/Hot water
  • A gallon size bowl or pot
  • Sponge 
  • Elmers glue, ¼ cup, or other stiffener of your choice
  • A laptop or tablet with reliable internet connection
  • A sturdy countertop height place to work is helpful and easy on your back, but a table can work.  You may work in a large cookie tray to contain any moisture or lay out plastic if your work surface shouldn’t get wet.  Being near a sink and access to hot water is helpful but large bowls also work.

Optional Tools

  • A spray brauser for sprinkling water
  • An apron

Currently Scheduled Sessions

No sessions currently scheduled for this course.

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