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North House resident artisan Nathan White finds inspiration in nature and in art. Read more about his recent experiences in the artisane development program in his latest blog post. 

Posted December 21, 2021
by Nathan White
The past six weeks have been a great time of inspiration.  I’ve had a chance to work with…
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4 stories in 4 pictures: Building community on the North Shore!

Join Greg Wright on Zoom for stories and conversation about the direction North House is heading, as well as highlighting key moments from our community’s past.

Posted December 17, 2021
by Greg Wright
Snow is falling steadily along the north shore and all of us at North House are excited for what…
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Emily muses in this month's issue of Northern Wilds on how the rhythm of harvesting materials for craft suffuses a basket maker's life with meaning.

Posted December 17, 2021
by Emily Derke
Driving down a dirt road in late fall, I notice all of the long, straight willow shoots growing…
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The Good Harbor Hill Players are returning with their annual Winter Solstice Shadow Show, December 21 at 6pm on the North House Commons.

Posted December 14, 2021
The Good Harbor Hill Players are returning with their annual Winter Solstice Shadow Show, December…
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North House's new and improved school store is up and running! To celebrate, store manager Cindy Lou recorded a first-person video tour of some of the best products for sale in the northern hemisphere.

Posted December 3, 2021
And if you need to see more of the great stuff, here's last year's holiday tour:
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In her latest blog post, resident artisan Emily Derke writes about a recent exhibition organized by North House Instructor John Zasada. 

Posted December 2, 2021
by Emily Derke
Earlier this fall, I spent a weekend in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. John Zasada had organized an…
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A mark of time passing each year at Norh House is when the four craft education interns move on to their next projects in life. Their milestone is celebrated with the completion of a "slojd project", a final task that demonstrates their skills learned and propels each individual onward.

Posted December 1, 2021
This year's projects include relief carving, chairmaking, cabinetry, and building a yurt. Read…
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Meet Laura Brown, one of the new residents in the Artisan Development Program at North House, in this introductory blog post. 

Posted November 11, 2021
by Laura Brown
Headshots  by Crystal Liepa   ALL ABOUT ME Okay, maybe not ALL about me, but joining the…
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Tickets are now available for the 2021 Arctic Film Festival taking place November 20th and 21st as part of next weekend's Winterers' Gathering. See the full schedule here and reserve your tickets here

Posted November 9, 2021
This one of a kind festival features films from around the globe that visually tell the story of the…
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Welcome Nate and Laura to North House! They joined this fall as part of the two-year Artisan Development Program, during which they will hone their craft and teaching skills with the goal of growing the next generation of craft leaders.

Posted October 24, 2021
Laura Brown is an artist interested in color, process, imagination, and repetitive, labor-intensive…
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