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"Comfort of Quilting" Article

Posted March 17, 2022
by Laura Brown

Check out Resident Artist Laura Brown's new article in Northern Wilds magazine about being "indoorsy" and how a love of quilting brought her to Grand Marais.

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Weaving Rya

Posted March 10, 2022
by Christine Novotny

In her latest blog post, Resident Artisan Christine Novotny talks about her experience in a recent Rya Weaving course and looks ahead to future weavings. 

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New Courses for '22

Posted February 24, 2022

New Courses have launched for the bulk of 2022, and open for registration Tuesday, March 1. Read on for the full list. Be sure to check you have an active membership for access to early registration day!

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Fiber Week 2022 Wrap-up

Posted February 21, 2022

The colorful tapestry of friends and fibers during Fiber Week wove a wondrous story featuring speakers, demonstrations, community gatherings, and coursework from long-time North House instructors as well as new guest artisans.

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Walking, Weaving, and Winter

Posted February 10, 2022
by Laura Brown

In her new blog post, Resident Artisan Laura Brown discusses her first winter in Grand Marais, and all it brings, including some fascinating quilt research,

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Baskets in Southern California

Posted January 27, 2022
by Emily Derke

On a recent trip to California, North House Resident Artisan Emily Derke took some time to look at regional basketry, history, and culture—and soak up some sunshine. Read more in her latest blog post. 

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Hjørdis flies out of the water

Posted January 18, 2022

Have you seen Hjørdis fly? Likely not, but over the holidays an issue was discovered and she was pulled up out of the water. We plan to have her sailing this summer after some repairs, but for now head to to hear the whole story.

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Christine Novotny article in Northern Wilds

Posted January 13, 2022
by Christine Novotny

Chrstine Novotny has a new article in Nothern Wilds looking at how nature has influenced her craft, and how she hopes to use her craft to give back to those that protect nature.

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May-June 2022 On-Campus Course Launch

Posted January 10, 2022

Courses for May-June 2022 are listed below. They opened for registration on Friday, January 14th at 9am.

To stay on top of new course opportunities, sign up for North House's weekly newsletter and keep an eye on the calendar!

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Quilt Stories

Posted January 6, 2022
by Laura Brown

In her latest blog post, Resident Artisan Laura Brown traces her roots, history, and attraction to quilting. 

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