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Peter Henrikson

Grand Marais, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Peter Henrikson

Peter came to timber framing from a previous life of log building and building backcountry bridges on public lands. He is a professional timber framer and designer and has been teaching timber framing coursework at North House since 1998. A serendipitous encounter with a photo of a Grindbygg led to a 2012 trip to Norway to learn more about these amazing buildings. This interest has broadened to other Scandinavian timber frame styles and traditional ways of working dominated by the ax.

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Current Courses Offered by Peter Henrikson

Teaser image for Basic Timber Framing

Basic Timber Framing

Learn the planning, layout, and joinery necessary to construct a traditional timber frame (post and…
Fri, Apr 29th, 2022  –  Tue, May 3rd, 2022
9am - 5pm each day
Instructors: Tom Healy, Peter Henrikson

Past Courses Offered by Peter Henrikson

Basic Timber Framing: Hand Tool Edition

Birch Bark Harvest Service Learning Project

Log to Timber: Building by Hand

Norwegian Timber Framing: Grindbygg Building

Service Learning Project: Timbered 'Green' Entryway: Handcut Joinery

Stavlinebygg Phase 2: Joinery and Construction with Featured Guest Trond Oalann

Stavlinebygg Phase I: Hewing with Featured Guest Trond Oalann

Stavlinebygg: Traditional Norwegian Building Techniques with Featured Guest Trond Oalann

Timber Frame: Build Your Own Smaller Frames

Timber Frame: Build Your Own, Grindbygg-Style

Timber Frame: Build Your Own, Larger Frames