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Hoist Them Sails!

Posted on May 10, 2011
by North House Folk School

Oh, Captain, my Captain!

The winds blow and deep lake waters hearkened us to raise her sails and once again give Hjordis back to the waters.

Captain Adam and Captain Tyler and myself spent two days last week changing oil, rigging and de-winterizing the docks.

We took our first sail of the season on May 6!

The Northern Sustainability Symposium focused on food was INCREDIBLE. Many-a-many inspirational folks, laughs, and new wisdom to be accumulated and sifted through.

Amongst courses taking place here were sausage making, bread baking, ovencrafting our new oversize oven, canning/preserving, intensive gardening, green medicines, etc...

Fresh movies and speakers informed and activated listeners about the on-going food revolution! and hands and mouths gathered and partook in fresh, hot pizzas, and people left with new tidbits for living freshly and locally and wisely.

Mike and myself hosted a little family program, including aspen-log mushroom inoculating, paired with seed anatomy and vermiculture.