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John Beltman

Suomi, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, John Beltman

John has been making a living doing traditional woodworking since the early 1980's. Working primarily with traditional hand tools and building techniques, John integrates history into his work and his classes. Although he has a diverse background, including boat building, spring pole lathe turning, and building Windsor chairs and stools, John is currently focused on teaching, presenting, and demonstrating on traditional craft and history. John's training includes the Rockport Apprenticeshop in Maine, Strong's Canoe Yard in Vermont, and the Windsor Institute in New Hampshire.

Current Courses Offered by John Beltman

Teaser image for <p>Timbered Workbench: Early American Style</p>

Timbered Workbench: Early American Style

Have bench, will travel?  Indeed - with this workbench you can do both!  A fine workbench is an essential fixture in the home workshop.  In this class students will build a sturdy timbered workbench based on early American designs using simple and classic joinery that echoes timber framing techniques.  Mortise…
Fri, Jan 28th, 2022  –  Sun, Jan 30th, 2022
9am - 5pm each day
Instructor: John Beltman

Past Courses Offered by John Beltman

Beginning Windsor-Style Turning

Building The Classic Wooden Rowboat: Build Your Own Susan Skiff

Framing and Planking a Traditional Herring Skiff: Boatbuilding Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Traditional Wooden Boat Building

Gluten Free Holiday Baking

Oar Construction: Make Your Own Set

Pram Boat Building: Build Your Own Norwegian Pram, Group Build

Pram Boat Building: Build Your Own Traditional Norse Pram

Service Learning Project: Timbered Top Workbenches

Snowshoe Construction: Build Your Own

Snowshoe Construction: Up the Trail

Spindle Turning on the Spring Pole Lathe

Spring-Pole Lathe: Build Your Own

Techniques of Pram Boat Building: Old World Boatbuilding Traditions

Three-Legged Milking Stool

Timbered Workbench: Early American Style

Traditional Furniture Building with Hand-tools, Spring Pole & Electric Lathes

Windsor Kitchen Stool: On the Lathe