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Rosemaled Range Hood

Craft adds unique and personal touches to the home. Using a technique she observed in Sweden, Resident Artisan Tara Austin took on a new project: rosemaling a range hood. 

Posted on June 6, 2024
by Tara Austin

I recently completed a project using a stencil of a previous rosemaling design. Using a thin plastic like Mylar, I traced over painting I had done on a trunk a few months ago. Then I carefully cut out enough of the pattern so I could draw the lines with a watercolor pencil on the new surface: in this case, a maple range hood. These lines are the prominent parts of the design that are then painted over.  This technique will save a lot of time in laying out the design, and I was happy with the process.

While in Sweden, I saw the use of stencils in painted borders of homes. I have read about rosemalers using stencils to establish the body of the design and further embellish from there. I am excited to see how this technique grows as I continue to paint.

The color palette of this project was also nuanced in neutral shades. I was trying to compliment the materials in the kitchen and create something modern and timeless. I am happy with the greys, whites, brown, and tan, highlighting the warmth of the maple cabinetry with the cool marble and quartz.