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Masonry Heaters: A Cool Way to Heat

Posted on March 11, 2011
by North House Folk School

Last weekend drew students from far and wide for a course dedicated to the art of Masonry Heater Ovens. Among the quickly close-knit crew, laughter and enthusiasm was contagious as this group enlivened during each day of the course. During the weekend's student potluck, loaves of bread were crisped to perfection in North House's masonry heater and carbs were plentiful, inspiring not only students but family and staff to the wonders of this brick "machine". Talking to students during and post-course, morale was high regarding the applicability of this knowledge:

So simple, practical, common sense. This place gives me a stepping stone to at least try it! And now I can go home and do it.

Neat stuff. Go to it, friends.