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Christine Novotny featured on "Cut the Craft"

Posted September 7, 2021
If that catches your eye, don't miss earlier episodes featuring North House instructors April Stone on black…
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A Felted Farewell

Posted July 22, 2021
by Elise Kyllo
In my farewell blog post, I’d like to begin by sharing a few surprising things I learned…
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Wooden Boat Show 2021 - Thank you!

Posted June 22, 2021
Our 24th Wooden Boat Show has wrapped up and we had a wonderful time. It felt fantastic…
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Artisan Development Program Time

Posted May 27, 2021
by Josh Tolkan
My time in the Artisan Development Program (ADP) is coming to an end soon, and I thought I would…
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Learning and teaching reflections

Posted May 6, 2021
by Emily Derke
Teaching is one of the ways I love to connect with and meet new people. Classes can…
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Drafting with block and unit weaves

Posted April 22, 2021
by Christine Novotny
I have spent the past few months moving through many ideas and exploring block weaves, specifically the…
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A Vested Interest in Felting

Posted April 8, 2021
by Elise Kyllo
Vest before felting and vest after felting One thing I appreciate about felting is that there are…
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It Takes a Forest to Build a Chair

Posted April 6, 2021

Thanks for joining us for Wood Month!

Posted March 26, 2021
Thank you for joining us for our virtual Wood Month programs! Since we couldn't see you on…
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Wood Canvas Canoe Restorations

Posted March 25, 2021
by Josh Tolkan
As winter melts to spring and people dream of summer adventures, I have been busy restoring wood…
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