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Birch Bark Canoe Building Intensive

Birch Bark Canoe Building: From the Harvest to the Building Bed

Birch Bark Canoes: Traditional Construction

Build the Odyssey Kayak

Building A Classic Canoe Sail Rig: Canoe for Sail

Building A Model Birch Bark Canoe (Preserving The Past)

Building a Plywood Canoe or Dinghy

Building The Cargo Sailing Pram

Building The Classic Wooden Rowboat: Build Your Own Susan Skiff

Building the Fisherman: Joe Seliga’s Square-Stern Wood Canvas Canoe Form

Canoe Sailing Workshop

Canoe Seat Caning

Canvas & Fill Canoe Repair Workshop

Cedar-Strip Boat Construction: Techniques & Fundamentals

Cedar-Strip Boatbuilding: Build Your Own Canoe or Kayak

Composite Canoe Repair and Maintenance