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Paula Sundet Wolf

Lutsen, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Paula Sundet Wolf

Paula has been gathering grasses and brush to make traditional crafts for the past 25 years. A resident of northern Minnesota, Paula has a deep appreciation for the North Woods and its resources and likes to convey that appreciation through her basket weaving and twig furniture. Paula has an MA in anthropology with an emphasis on utilitarian art of North American cultures. She sells her work from her home.

Past Courses Offered by Paula Sundet Wolf

Boundary Waters Travel Basket Up the Trail

Pebble & Twig Mosaic Table

Pebble & Twig Mosaic Table

Pine Needle Basketry

Sweetgrass Basketry

Twig and Pebble Mosaic Tables Online Webinar

Twig Furniture: Crafting the Twig Chair

Twig Furniture: Crafting the Twig Chair

Twig Furniture: Twig Mosaic End Table

Wattle Fences & Garden Trellises

Wattle Fences and Garden Trellises

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