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Michael Karns

St. Paul, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Michael Karns

Michael began his fascination with the natural world as a child captivated by birds. He discovered foraging as a teenager while birding on his family’s 40 wooded acres in north central Arkansas. Since those humble beginnings collecting puffballs,  wood-ear, and  warblers for his life-list… his passion for great food, and a slightly obsessive compulsion for learning have led him to delve deeper into mycology, ornithology, and all the delicious, and captivating treasures the forest has to offer.

Michael is a member of the North American Mycological Association (NAMA), the Minnesota Mycological Association (MMS), as well as a certified mycological identification expert in the area of food service, and sourcing.

Current Courses Offered by Michael Karns

Teaser image for Spring Birding on the North Shore

Spring Birding on the North Shore

Spring offers excellent birding opportunities on the North Shore. With the arrival of warblers and…
Sat, May 25th, 2024
Instructor: Michael Karns

Past Courses Offered by Michael Karns

All About Morel Mushrooms: Online Course

Discovering the Language of Birds

Mushroom & Fungi Intro

Mushroom & Fungi Intro

Mushroom & Fungi: A Closer Look

Untamed Mushrooms: A Walk in the Woods & Cooking Exploration

Untamed Mushrooms: A Wild Walk in the Woods

Untamed Mushrooms: From Field to Table

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