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Wool: The Full Experience

Course Overview

Wool is an incredibly versatile, durable and beautiful fiber that is surprisingly easy to make into fabric. Start at the very beginning of the process in this team-taught class, as we shear sheep from Prairie Meadow Farm and go through processing wool, step by step together; skirting, washing, carding, making batts, spinning and finally felting. Once the wool is processed and divided amongst the class, we will learn and practice the very foundation of making fabric; spinning fibers, which lead to knitting and weaving.  We will also work on the most ancient method of making fabric, wet felting. Wet felting wool is an ancient craft that pre-dates weaving and knitting and has recently seen a resurgence of popularity, as it is relatively easy and extremely versatile.  You will go home with new skills and one substantial wet felted project.  The course will be led by two fiber experts: Elise Kyllo, an artist in residence at North House Folk School, specializing in wet felting and Heidi Quist, a shepherdess from central Minnesota who raises sheep and is in charge of bringing and shearing the wooly guests of honor. This is a unique opportunity to immerse fully in wool craft and connect directly to the source.

Required Tools

  • 2 large towels
  • clothes that can get dirty/wet or an apron
  • plastic bags to bring your wet projects home
  • a bar of olive oil soap
  • a sponge

Course Details

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