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Michelle Greenhouse

Bloomington, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Michelle Greenhouse

Michelle has always had a passion for craft and textiles. Michelle has a Bachelor of Science in Design with a major in Weaving from the University of Minnesota. She has a Masters of Science in Weaving from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science (now called Jefferson University). Although a corporate designer for 20+ years at Calvin Klein, Larsen and Target, Michelle continues to pursue her love of craft textiles. Currently Michelle is working in the folkloric technique called Boro from Japan. This technique incorporates many of her passions such as craft, mindfulness, and sustainability. Michelle is teaching at Textile Center MN, Bloomington Community Ed, and Richfield Community Ed as well as many private classes and crafting groups.

Current Courses Offered by Michelle Greenhouse

1 day
Teaser image for Boro + Sustainability: The Japanese Art of Repurposing Fabric

Boro + Sustainability: The Japanese Art of Repurposing Fabric

Boro is a Japanese folk textile with an indiscernible eloquence & aesthetic that was originally created out of necessity, in which small scraps of precious fabric are carefully stitched together to create a larger cloth or repair a garment. In this course students will review a brief history of Boro…
Fri, Sep 27th, 2019
Instructor: Michelle Greenhouse