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Boro Exploration: Dye, Patch, and Stitch!

Course Overview

Explore Japanese folk textile traditions such as shibori resist dyeing (itajame and stitch resist), Boro and stitching. Students will learn the history of Boro, fabric collage and the difference between sashiko and running stitch. As we work, students will learn advanced design techniques and principles such as composition, symmetry, texture, shape, color, placement, scale, balance. There will be discussion of visible mending, wellness and sustainability. Students are encouraged to bring fabric scraps for reuse and upcycling and incorporate them into your piece. Instructor will bring vintage Japanese fabrics. Some understanding of sewing, hand stitching and hand dyeing is required. Students will create a pillow cover, quilt block or wall hanging (11"x17").

Course Details

Length: 3 Days