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Doug Swenson

Hawley, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Doug Swenson

Doug began experimenting with a coal forge as a young fellow growing up on a farm in northwestern Minnesota. This early exposure to blacksmithing led to a lifelong passion for the craft that he continues to cultivate. Doug’s primary work has been done out of a shop that recreates the time period of 1885 to 1900, but most recently has been focusing on the tools and techniques of Viking age Sweden.

Current Courses Offered by Doug Swenson

0.25 Days
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Viking Age Forging Online Short Course

Join Doug for a fascinating evening exploring hand forging techniques from the Viking age. We'll learn about and discuss the rich archeological record of forged items from Scandinavia and learn about everyday life in the 8th-10th centuries. Through examples and original finds we will examine design choices that can inform…
Wed, Jul 8th, 2020
6:30pm-8:30pm CST
Instructor: Doug Swenson

Past Courses Offered by Doug Swenson

Forge Viking Age Brazed Bells

Forging Everyday Items of the Viking Age

Forging Small Viking Age Knives

Forging the Long-Handled Viking Age Noisemaker