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Bob King

Duluth, MN
North House Folk School photo of instructor, Bob King

Bob King has been watching the sky since he was 10 years old and sharing its wonders through writing and community education for many years. He lives in Duluth, Minn. and is the photo editor for the Duluth News Tribune. He writes the Astro Bob blog, has authored two books on the night sky and believes that knowledge of the heavens deepens our sense of wonder about the universe.

Current Courses Offered by Bob King

.5 days
Teaser image for Stargazing for Beginners

Stargazing for Beginners

Find your way around the night sky by learning the bright seasonal constellations, current planets and satellites. Understand how planets and Moon move, the reason some constellations are visible in one season and not another and where Earth fits into the big picture. We'll begin with a classroom session on…
Sat, Aug 18th, 2018
Instructor: Bob King