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Crafting in Place

Lunch and Learn with Daniel Lundberg: Storslöjd

Aired on Fri, Mar 26 at 12:00pm

Daniel is a Swedish woodworker who likes to turn on the pole lathe and make shrink pots and other things. He’s worked a fair deal with building preservation on old log homes in the north of Sweden and carries that over into his process and objects. He likes to work with big sharp axes, bold hewn surfaces and takes every chance he gets to use his precious chainsaw. He’ll share his recent work and discuss his current project to shine a light on what a slöjdare or craftsman actually is and does in this day and age.

What interests me is process and technique - simple and unconfused forms. I’m not all that talkative so I try to make my products as loud and undeniable as possible so they can speak clearly for themselves. I’m inherently rather lazy. Thus I tend to always seek the most direct and efficient way to perform a task. The result is what counts so the aim is to make my process a straight line and spend a lot of energy and thought on - cutting away corners -trimming away fat, fuss and frippery. Figuratively and literally.

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