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Crafting in Place

Heartberry CEO and Artist, Sarah Agaton Howes

Aired on Fri, Feb 11 at 12:00pm

Heartberry is a Minnesota-based design company that brings Traditional Ojibwe Floral and Woodland designs together to create timeless, contemporary, utilitarian pieces for everyday use, including many textile items. Artist and CEO Sarah Agaton Howes will discuss how she has built a business that aligns with her cultural values that brings together Ojibwe art, story, and entrepreneurship. In doing so, she is building a community of makers as part of cultural revitalization: for the artists of Heartberry, making isn’t simply for fun, it is rebuilding the heart. Along the way, she will discuss the Inspired Natives, Not Native Inspired project and the difference between culturally appropriate and cultural appropriation. Join us for a thought-provoking and timely conversation.

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