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Crafting in Place

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Shipyard Virtual Tour

Posted on Fri, Jun 19 at 10:00am

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Shipyard  in St. Michael’s, Maryland recreates the tradition of a working waterfront. CBMM’s shipwrights and apprentices are a tangible connection to The Chesapeake’s rich story of boatbuilding through the preservation and maintenance of CBMM’s Floating Fleet of Chesapeake Bay boats and its historic small boat collection, use of its working marine railway for hauling and launching large historic vessels, a preservation of visiting traditional wooden vessels, and hands-on shipyard education programs. Current projects include the construction of a new Maryland Dove, a successor to Historic St. Mary’s City’s representation of the vessel that accompanied the first European settlers to Maryland in 1634, and the restoration of the 1912 river tug Delaware. 

Learn more on the CBMM website.

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