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Crafting in Place

Building the LAFTET BADSTUA (Timber Sauna) - Axe me How I Spent the Pandemic

Aired on Tue, Nov 16 at 7:30pm

Jane Laurence and Fred Livesay

With tools forged by Scandinavian blacksmiths, and knowledge and friendships gained while crafting the Skjelter and Stavlinebygg on the North House campus, this group of sloyders was all set to take on a project... but thanks to Covid, they had nowhere to go. So they decided to set up an outdoor workshop in a backyard in the heart of St. Paul. They designed a little building, hand hewed Red Pine logs and used Norwegian ‘lafting’ joinery to craft a sauna. Over 15 months, they found exercise and social connection as the Lafted Badstua took shape. Neighbors, friends and curious walkers frequently stopped by to watch and chat. Long winter evenings often became cookouts over a fire, creating connection through craft all while distantly socializing. They’ll share photos and memories of the journey!

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