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Currently Scheduled Clothing & Jewelry Courses

½ Day
Teaser image for Sewing Deerhide Baby Booties

Sewing Deerhide Baby Booties

Reports from new parents suggest that a pair of handmade, deerhide booties make a great baby gift: not only do they stay on those tiny feet, but they are awfully cute as well. Join instructor Jo Wood for a half day workshop to learn to the process for cutting and…
Sat, Feb 17th, 2018
Instructor: Jo Wood
4 Days
Teaser image for Shoemaking: 10th-Century Scandinavian Turn Shoe

Shoemaking: 10th-Century Scandinavian Turn Shoe

Crafting functional, durable and attractive footwear with your own hands is a deeply satisfying (and sole-ful!) task. We will begin by making a casting of your foot (shoes will truly be custom built) then move on to patterning and leather selection, cutting and skiving, butt stitching and assembly. Once the…
Wed, Aug 8th, 2018  –  Sat, Aug 11th, 2018
Instructor: Jason Hovatter
4 Days
Teaser image for Shoemaking: Chukka Boot

Shoemaking: Chukka Boot

The chukka boot has roots that reach back to a decidedly non-northern location, the Sahara desert. Originally crafted by the cobblers of Cairo for South African troops during WWII, the practical, light-weight and comfortable design now has universal appeal, as an around-town shoe, sometime workboot and even a dress shoe.…
Sat, Aug 18th, 2018  –  Tue, Aug 21st, 2018
Instructor: Jason Hovatter
4 Days
Teaser image for Shoemaking: Internal Stitchdown Workboots

Shoemaking: Internal Stitchdown Workboots

It’s hard to imagine a more functional and necessary piece of footwear than a solid workboot—and one that is custom-fit to your foot? What more could you ask for really? We will begin by making a casting of your foot and then move on to patterning and leather selection, cutting…
Mon, Aug 13th, 2018  –  Thu, Aug 16th, 2018
Instructor: Jason Hovatter
4 Days
Teaser image for Shoemaking: Modern Turn Shoe

Shoemaking: Modern Turn Shoe

Inspired by centuries of shoe design, the modern turn shoe is an eminently practical and fashionable piece of footwear. From the city streets to wilderness survival, these shoes have been road-tested and found to be comfortable and durable. The uppers are American bison, the soles are made of heavy oil…
Thu, Aug 23rd, 2018  –  Sun, Aug 26th, 2018
Instructor: Jason Hovatter
2 Days
Teaser image for Silversmithing: The Jeweler’s Palette

Silversmithing: The Jeweler’s Palette

Shiny objects catch your eye? Ready to create your own designs in silver? In this class you will learn the basic foundations of silversmithing. Bring your creativity and an aptitude to try new things. We will cover soldering, fabricating and hand forming metal into your own design. This class offers…
Fri, May 25th, 2018  –  Sat, May 26th, 2018
Instructor: Michael Seiler
1 Day
Teaser image for Viking

Viking "Knit" Chain Bracelet

Come explore the ancient tradition of chain making! You’ll use “Viking Knitting,” a centuries-old looping technique, to create a beautiful silver bracelet with a variety of unusual clasps. Historically, this unique method of weaving resembles “nalbinding” knitting and was used to fabricate everything from sweaters to netting for catching fish!…
Sat, Mar 17th, 2018
Instructor: Liz Bucheit
2.5 days
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Woolen Anorak: Creative Fabric Reuse

Great fabric lurks in closets, trunks, attics, and thrift shops: learn how to turn garments you don’t wear into a garment you will wear with the help of a pair of scissors, a sewing machine and some creative inclinations. Dig out your mother's wool skirt or the kilt you found…
Tue, Feb 13th, 2018  –  Thu, Feb 15th, 2018
Instructor: Mary Ellen Ashcroft