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Make More Meaning Auction

Sat, Jun 22, 2024
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Searching for the right inspiration to start your craft journey or take the next steps in your creative practice? The Make More Meaning Auction features a wide range of tools, camping gear, and craft resources to spark great creations and experiences!

As we get closer to the event, check back to get a sneak preview of some of the incredible items featured in this year’s auction.

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Willits Canoe 

Beautiful 17 ft. cedar canoe (number 625) made by the Willits Brothers in Oregon about 1940. Donated by Owen and Elizabeth Christianson.

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Kitchen Series cutting board set - thin, lightweight, and dishwasher-safe. Easy to store, easy to clean, and darn good-looking.

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No. 60-1/2 Adjustable Mouth Block Plane. Based on the Stanley No. 60½. Rated "best overall block plane" by Fine Woodworking Tool Guide.

Event Details

Add your Support

This is also a fantastic opportunity to streamline your workspace and yarn stash while adding your support to North House! Bring gently used crafting supplies, tools that you no longer need, or outdoor gear, and help them to find a new home where they will be put to use. You’ll have more space in your craft room, someone new will get to dive deeper into craft, your item will stay out of the landfill, and North House will have funds to put towards our Internship program! It’s win-win-win-win and that’s tough to top!

For an added incentive, North House does offer the option to split the proceeds of your donated item or items that generate over $200 of support.

Items that are particularly helpful include:

  • Hand planes and spokeshaves
  • Carving tools, including chisels and gouges
  • Sharpening supplies - especially sets that include a range of grits
  • Table top looms
  • Wool for spinning or scraps for a wide range of projects
  • Gently used camping or canoeing gear - even if it needs a new zipper or patch
  • Spinning wheels
  • Project kits (with all components)
  • Canoes, aluminum fishing boats, and small (working) outboard motors

Complete this simple form to let us know what items you’d like to add to the auction!

Due to limited storage capacity, we ask that these donations not arrive on campus until closer to the event in early June, but we’re happy to learn more about your donation plans! At this time we are also unable to accept clothing for the Make More Meaning Auction. Donation drop-off windows are Friday, June 21st from 9:00am to 5:00pm and Saturday, June 22nd from 8:00am to 9:30am.

Please reach out to Libby at for more information and with any questions you might have!

Auction Preview

See above for pictured items.

Lee Valley/Veritas

$75 Gift Card

Faribault Mill

Wool Pillow

Handmade Table Warp Winder

Made and donated by Laurice Wade

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