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Old Town Wood Canvas Sponson Canoe

While not student-built, this is an incredibly special item that we have the privilege of finding a home for. Originally built in 1944 by Old Town, this 16' wood canvas canoe was expertly restored and given new life by renowned canoe builder and North House instructor Jeanne Bourquin. The added sponsons make it an extremely stable boat, suitable even for Lake Superior travel, and also great for hunting or fishing.

The current owner purchased the boat in 1982 before having it restored by Jeanne. Since then, it has been stored in a dry indoor environment and has not been in water. The current owner has generously donated the canoe to North House to support our pursuit of keeping old crafts and traditions alive.

Original build receipt

Original advertisement (Note that the original weight listed here is no longer correct. With the added sponsons, the weight is closer to 85lb).

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